How To Care For Dry Wood Furniture: Ways To Care

Ways To Take Care Of The Dry Wood Furniture

The users can easily take care of the Dry Wood Furniture by following the below-mentioned ways:
  1. Regular Dusting: Regularly dust the wood furniture item by using the soft cloth or the dry towel to maintain the finish of that item.
  2. Avoid Placing The Furniture In Sunlight and near the Heat units: Always try to place the wood furniture item away from the direct sunlight as the Sunlight can cause the colour fading and the deep cracks on the wood furniture item. Placing the wood item near the heat units can cause the chipping of the wood finish.
  3. Use The Paste Wax or the Oil: Use the soft paste wax or the wood oil to protect the wood finish and apply the wax or the oil by using the soft rag. Rub the paste to the entire surface of the furniture item and allow it to be there for almost half an hour and then buff it by using the soft clean cloth accordingly.
  4. Use The Catalyzed Lacquer: Use the catalyzed lacquer over the surface of the furniture item to maintain its gloss and shine for a longer time.
  5. Use The Coasters: Stop placing the hot objects on the surface of the wood furniture item. Always use the coasters while placing the hot objects and also wipe up all the liquid spills from the wood surface by using the dry towel.
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