How To Build Sliding Barn Doors For A Pole Barn: Step By Step Procedure Of Building Barn Doors

Step By Step Procedure Of Building Barn Doors For A Pole Barn

The sliding barn doors are mostly preferred by the farmers & this is due to the fact that they allow easy access to barns in any of the weather conditions and can also be left open or closed as per the requirement. Likewise, the sliding barn doors are also used in interior spaces as an alternative for traditional doors, the step by step procedure for building the barn door is mentioned below, however, the user can apply the dimension as per the need:
  1. Cut 18 1x10x96" T&G boards that is best for barn doors. Now take 2 of these boards then cut off the groove from each board approximately take 1/2" off from one side only. After that cut 12 pieces of the 1x10x75" regular boards.
  2. Once the above step is done then prepare a flat surface which must be at proper level as well as fasten 2 2x4 boards as this will help to make a temporary L-shape jig for the door, the user can make one side of L 8' long with the other 6.5' long. Also, make sure that L shape jig is perfectly square.
  3. Place 8 96" T&G boards in the jig and start the job with a board that was grooved. After that lay all of the boards with the nice side up or the rough side up only if using barn siding and this side now will be outside of the door once the job is done. On the door, these are the vertical boards. With the help of C-clamps slightly tighten all of the boards.
  4. Now the user needs to determine the width of the last piece of T&G to build the door with an exact 75" width. Cut out the last piece of 1x10 T&G to the right width and remove C-clamps, position the last ripped board in the place and then tighten once again with the help of a C-clamps. It is highly advisable not to over tighten the C-clamps.
  5. Position 1 1x10x75" horizontally straight edge board on both ends of the door but keeping it flush with the outside edges as well as fasten the board with the help of screws. In the center of the door now fasten the third 1x10x75" board.
  6. The next step is to measure the distance between all the 1x10x75" boards and then cut out the side trim to fit. In order to make the side trim, cut out the 1x10 straight edge boards to about 4-1/2" in width, also cut to length and then secure using the screws, also it is important to keep them flush with door edges. The user will need 4 side trim pieces for each side of the sliding door.
  7. Now it is time to prepare the cross-bucks. This can be the hardest part of the door to perform. Cross-bucks must also be 4-1/2" wide and the user will need to take time for determining the right angles as well as the length of each cross-buck. Cut the cross-bucks as well as fasten them in place.
  8. The final step is to flip the door upside down and then fasten 3 1x10x75" boards and also the side trims on the other side that is inside of the door. On this side do not fasten cross-bucks. It is very important to secure 1x10x75" boards and trim from both sides of the door in order so that the door is straight and also to prevent the door from getting bend. Now, one half of the split sliding door is done. For the other half, follow the same steps.
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