How To Build An Upholstered Chair Frame: Steps

What Are The Steps To Build An Upholstered Chair Frame?

Steps to build a frame of the upholstered chair are mentioned below:
  1. Decide Furniture: For upholstery frame, it is important to decide the type of furniture that needs to be built.
  2. Frame: Once decided, either the frame can be bought from the market or can be built using kiln-dried hardwood like Maple, oak, etc.
  3. Join: Cut the wood with the shape of the frame with the help of the dowels and wood epoxy glue. The frame needs to be properly clamped until the glue dries properly.
  4. Corner Blocks: The corner blocks are required to use on the frame and need to be screwed finely using a screwdriver.
  5. Additional Support: The center legs on the frame needs to be attached on the frame for more support and durability.
  6. Thick Wood Legs: Ensure to use the thick wood legs only to attach with the frame.
  7. Spring: The frame required to attached with eight-way hand-tied spring using webbing.
  8. Tie Spring: The spring needs to be tightly tied with the wooden frame.
  9. Pad Frame: In order to pad the frame high-density polyurethane foam is required. The polyurethane foam needs to be wrapped in Dacron.
  10. Upholster: Upholster the frame with the desired fabric by cutting it in proper measurements.
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