How To Build A Vertical Pull-Out Cabinet: 8 Easy Steps To Make Pull-Out Cabinet

8 Easy Steps To Build/Make A Vertical Pull-out Cabinet

kitchen cabinets are the built-in type of furniture item that is mostly installed in your kitchens in order to store food, cooking equipment, and repeatedly dished & silverware for table service. The lifespan of your kitchen cabinet is near about 30-35 years if cared properly. If you want to make your own vertically pull-out cabinet then we are here to help you. You just need to follow all the given steps mentioned below carefully in order to achieve a better result:
  1. First of all, you need to cut the pieces for your vertical pull-out cabinet frame for the 3/4" MDF:
    • Two side pieces at 24” x 77”
    • Top and bottom pieces at 24” x 8-1/2”
    • A back piece at 75-1/2” x 8-1/2
    • Toe kick at 20” x 3”
  2. After following the previous step, now cut the pieces for your pull-out cabinet insert from the 3/4" bamboo plywood:
    • Cabinet face at 10” x 77”
    • Inside panel at 18-3/4” x 73-3/4”
    • Two pieces of side trim at 1-1/2” x 18-3/4”
  3. Now you need to lay down one of the side pieces of your cabinet frame on the table and then install all the four drawer gliders and be sure that they are evenly level and spaced.
  4. Now you need to assemble all your cabinet frames and attach the top, bottom and the back pieces to your side piece with the help of wood glue and the brad nails & then secure all the other side pieces to your cabinet frame. If your cabinet frame is so long then you need to be careful to keep all the sides from warping while you are going to attach them.
  5. Now extend all the drawer glides all the way & place your bamboo plywood panel onto the glides. Install your panel onto all the drawer glides. Now you need to attach the face to the inside panel with the help of wood glue and the brad nails and then you need to add trim to the top and bottom of your inside panel.
  6. Test all the drawer glides several times to be sure that they work perfectly.
  7. Finish the face of your cabinet as desired & then you need to add the cabinet hardware. Also, try to paint your hardware white and also attached decorative trim.
  8. Now finally, place your cabinet diagonally, at its appropriate place. Shim the bottom also if necessary and ensure that your cabinet is sitting square & plumb. Secure all the back of your cabinet to your wall and make sure you nail through with the studs.
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