How To Build A U-Shaped Countertop: Step By Step Procedure Of Building A U-Shaped Countertop

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Building A U-shaped Countertop

The users can easily build the U-shaped countertop like crafting any other regular countertops. The U-shaped countertop is usually made by trimming down the small-sized grooves within the fascia. Once the users trimmed the particleboard or the plywood top into the curves at the inner edges then the fascia will easily bend them. The users can easily make their personal u-shaped countertop on any cabinet set and they can easily build the U-shaped countertops at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Particleboard, Hammer, Table Saw
  • Drill/Driver, Drill Bit, Nails
  • Miter Gauge, Jigsaw, Circular Saw
  • 2 Pieces Pine, Wood Glue, Pin Nailer
  • Pin Nails, Wood Putty, Putty Knife
  • Miter Saw And Pine


  • Trim And Nail The Pieces: Start by trimming and nailing the three by four particleboard pieces on the top of the cabinet so as to entirely cover them up like the users are installing the regular countertop but they need to include the three-inch overhang at the front side inner border of the countertop. The exterior sides require having the three by the four-inch overhang and they need to use the table saw to trim down the pieces so as to make them fit. Then they need to nail them on the cabinet top by using the one by four-inch sized nails.
  • Place The Inner Cabinet Edges: Then the users need to place the inner cabinet edges by checking beneath the lip over the three-inch overhang. Then use the drill and one by sixteen-inch bit so as to drill the hole within the plywood or the particle board so that the users can easily check where exactly the edge is within the top. Then calculate the measurements outwards inclined within the hole and then spot down the mark over the plywood or the particle board at the 3 inches.
  • Make The Curve: Then the users need to place the twelve inches plate or the other round-shaped item that measures near about twelve inches all across and then flush that object with the marked area so as to make the curve. They need to repeat the same procedure while marking the curve on the other sides as well. Then they need to craft the draw with the help of a plate and then spread the line in a symmetrical way and in a straightway on the frontmost surface of the U-shaped area so as to unite the curve on the adjacent side. They need to spread out all the lines on each U-shape side so as to extend it to the countertop edges.
  • Start The Trimming Process: Then trim as per the straight line by using the circular saw and then trim up the curves by using the jigsaw. Then the users need to fit up the blade on the table saw to near about five by eight inches in total height. Then they need to position the miter gauge over the saw and then use the gauge to trim down the grooves and the kerfs accordingly.
  • Apply The Glue: Then apply the glue on the kerfed or the trimmed piece side and then bend down the pieces that are having the cuts in a facing inward position. Then they need to shoot the one by four-inch nails within the pieces so as to fasten it, with the curved particle board corner.
  • Use The Sandpaper: After that, the users need to fill up the cuts with the wood putty by using the putty knife. Once the wood putty is dried off completely then they need to sand down the base and the top by using the sandpaper.
  • Trim The Pine Pieces: Finally the users need to calculate and use the saw so as to trim the pine pieces so as to butt up adjacent to each curve ends. Then apply the glue over the back and then nail down the pine nailer to the overhung particle board corner all around the diameter and this way the countertop will become completely ready for the laminates.
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