How To Build A Table Base: Easy Steps To Make A Round Table

General Overview

A simple piece of the wood can be turned into the beautiful table by building its base or by attaching the legs to it. Building table base is a simple task and can be done properly by adopting certain methods. Alternatively, there are ready-made table legs available in the market that can also be attached to the table in order to create a solid base. The various instructions on building the table base mentioned as follows.

Easy Steps To Built The Round Table Base

Easy steps to build the round table base are mentioned below.

Required Tools/ Equipment’s

The tools and materials used that that are required to build a round table base includes the following items.
  1. Saw, Drill, Bits
  2. Pocket-hole jig
  3. Sander, Tape measure
  4. Round Table Top
  5. Screws, Nails, Paint
  6. Glue

Directs To Build

  1. Table Top: Get the round tabletop either from the market or build of your own.
  2. Top And Bottom Attachment: To create the attachment pieces for the bottom the cut the piece in dimensions of the 14.5” long. The measurements of the width must be a 60-degree angle, the thickness should be 15 degrees. For the top, the attachments piece must be the 7” long, keep the width same 60-degree angle, and thickness same as above 15 degrees.
  3. Top And Bottom Assembles: Both top and bottom attachment are required to be together. Follow up by drilling the connection holes beneath the tabletop.
  4. Glue: The glue must be applied to the joints prior screwing.
  5. Base/ Legs: To create the round table base keep the cutting length of the legs 31” long and the thickness must be 15 degrees.
  6. Attaching Legs: For building the base the legs needs to be attached with the top attachment assembly. This can be done securing the sides using deck screws.
  7. Attaching Bottom: With the help of the deck screws and glue the lower attachment is required to attached with the upper leg/ base attachment.
  8. Wood Filler: Gaps and screw holes need to be treated with the wood filler. Follow up by the sanding the joints to remove the wood filler excess.
  9. Paint: Paint the base and top with the color of the choice to make it more attractive.
  10. Guide Hole: Guide hole on the legs needs to be drilled to attach the round top.
  11. Alignment Hole: The alignment hole needs to be drilled in the center of the tabletop using a measuring tape to find the exact diameter.
  12. Top Leg: The top leg needs to be attached with the round tabletop now.
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