How To Build A Table Base For A Granite Top: Easy Way To Build

Steps to Build a Table Base for a Granite Top

The users can easily build the table base for the granite top by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Calculate The Measurements: The users need to Measure the exact size dimension of the granite top by using the measuring tape. After that, they have to minus the 4 inches from the actual sized dimension of the length and the width as well to achieve the correct size dimensions for the table base and the frame as well.
  2. Trim The Hardwood Pieces: The next step is to trim the four pieces of the 2-by-4-inch hardwood as per the actual width dimensions by subtracting the four inches as well. The users have to use these trimmed hardwood boards to build up the structure for the table frame.
  3. Assemble The Four Hardwood Pieces: Then assemble the 4 trimmed hardwood pieces in the rectangular pattern. After that, place the two smaller hardwood boards in between the edges of the two large hardwood boards. Then affix the 4-inch screws between the large hardwood boards into the small hardwood boards to fasten the table frame accordingly.
  4. Trim 4 Pieces Of The Hardwood: They have to trim the four pieces of the 4-by-4-inch hardwood to their preferred height of the table and these 4 trimmed pieces will serve as the legs for the table.
  5. Insert The 5-inch Bolt: Place the rectangular patterned frame on a flat surface and then stand one 4-by-4-inch hardwood piece towards the upright position of each corner of the frame. Then drill a hole in each corner of the frame by using the electric drill and then insert the 5-inch bolt into each drilled hole and tighten the bolt by using the screwdriver.
  6. Affix The 2-inch Screw: Affix the 2-inch screws at the inside corners of the legs to the frame for the additional support. This is important as the granite top is usually very heavy and the hardwood frame needs to be stronger to withstand the weight of the granite top. They need to tightly affix the legs to the hardwood frame accordingly.
  7. Trim One Plywood Piece: Trim one piece of the 1/2-inch plywood according to the actual size dimensions of the table frame by using the saw. Then the users need to place the frame on its legs and then place the one trimmed 1/2-inch plywood piece at the top area of the table frame. Affix the top plywood piece to the frame by using the wood nails.
  8. Apply The Paint And Adjust The Granite Top: Apply the desired paint to the entire surface of the table frame and then allow the paint to dry completely. Once the paint is dried the users need to adjust the granite top to the table frame respectively.
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