How To Build A Storage Bench: Step By Step Easy Guide For Building Storage Bench

Step By Step Easy Guide For Building A Storage Bench

In order to build a bench with lots of storage, the user must examine the area and take all the necessary measurements and notes. With the help of chalk, mark the area where the bench will be built. The easy steps to build your own storage bench are mentioned below, follow all the steps carefully:
  1. Frame: To begin the process the first step is to cut the 2x4s board or lumbar to the needed length for the bench frame. If necessary, to accommodate any of the uneven spots on the floor that time adjust the length of the upright pieces. With the help of a hammer drill attach the back as well as side sections of the frame right to the walls. After that, attach the upright pieces again to the walls, this will help the bottoms sit on the floor and the tops will butt up to the back as well as the side sections.
  2. Front Section: In order to build the front section the user needs to nail 2x4s board to form the front as well as sides. Line it upright with the marks that were made earlier. Secure the L-shaped frame on the back and to the side using the wood screws. Both the ends of the L frame must make contact with the walls that are corresponding. It is important to make sure it must be at a level with the back section. Secure both the ends of the L to the back as well as side sections with the help of a screw. Repeat the same process for the bottom of the front section, but this time use the hammer drill to attach down the lower section with the floor. Now the user needs to measure as well as cut the pieces from 2x4 board that will fit between the upper as well as lower Ls on the front and the side. Between the top and the bottom plates of the front section place the upright pieces and must be directly across to the upright pieces that are on the back. Secure them into the right place with screws.
  3. Front And Back Support: Secure another 2x4 board on the front of the back support all along the wall by doubling it up. Screw down a 2x4 board flat to the bottoms of the upright pieces against the wall on the back as well as to the right side.
  4. Bottom Supports: The user needs to measure the inside of the bottom of the box then cut pieces from 2x4 board that will fit on the floor in between the front and back bottom plates. The supports must be lined up and leveled with the top of the 2x4s board that was attached right to the wall.
  5. Plywood Sides: For the outside cut the pieces from 3/4". For the top, the user must cut down a piece that must be 1 inch longer and wider than the frame. Simply, draw a line right down to the length of the top piece, which must be 3-1/4 inches in from the edge. With the help of a circular saw, cut down this line that will separate the top piece. Attach the top piece to the top of the doubled-up back support, with the help of an 18-gauge finish nailer. To attach the top piece follow the same process.
  6. Strap Hinges: Separate the two top pieces with the help of a 3" framing nails as spacers. The user needs to determine how many strap hinges to use, and mark the locations. The user can use one strap hinge after every 16 to 20 inches. Secure the stationary part of the hinge to the top with the 1-1/2" wood screws. The screws must sink into the supporting 2x4s board. Now it is the time to attach the strap part of the hinges on the flip-top. The user can paint or stain the outside of the bench as per choice.
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