How To Build A Sofa Table: Best Way To Build

The sofa table is mostly used behind the sofa that makes it very useful for placing lamps, photos, or other decorations as well, besides that it makes the appearance of the sofa more attractive. Either the user is buying a new or crafting the sofa table it is very important to measure the height and width of the sofa, accordingly buy or make a sofa table that is in level with the top of the sofa or couch and does not go beyond past the edges.

Best Way To Build A Sofa Table

One of the important things, while buying or making the sofa table, is to decide the use of it like if the user is planning to place the large or heavy items on the sofa table that time use the wooden surface in place of the glass.
  1. Stain: The user needs to stain all the wood pieces and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Legs: Now the next step is to cut the leg for the table, please make sure that the legs should be straight and even across the ends. Keep three pieces of cut wood side by side and apply wood glue to the sides, so that wood will be glued together. Clamp the pieces and allow to dry.
  3. Metal braces: In order to add the stability to the legs add the metal braces to the inside bottom of every leg install with the help of the wood screw.
  4. Lay: Now the step is to lay the board that will be used for the top surface on the floor and then carefully attaches each leg on the ends with the help of the L-shaped corner brackets and screws. Install the brackets in a way that there is enough room for the center brace.
  5. Fit The Center Braces: Now fit the braces inside the legs and in the center of brackets, then fix the second brace down towards the bottom.
  6. Stain: Now its time to apply the stain and allow to dry.
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