How To Build A Sectional Sofa Frame: Steps To Make Sectional Couch Frame

Steps To Build/Make A Sectional Couch Frame

The material required for making a sectional sofa frame includes hacksaw, Pocket Screws, circular saw, chisel, clamps, dowel rods, and metal bolts. The steps are mentioned below for constructing the sectional sofa frame:
  1. Sawing And Prepare Joint: The first step is to cut the wooden boards with the help of circular saw or hacksaw. Then prepare a tenon joint and with the help of a chisel and drill prepare a mortise joint.
  2. Assemble Back Frame: Next step is to assemble the wooden pieces of the back frame by gluing and clamping.
  3. Base Dry: Then dry the base of the sectional sofa in order to fit the base within the measurement.
  4. Assemble Base: Attach the base with the clamped and glued joints. Use pocket screws in the middle section that supports webbing.
  5. Prepare Armrest: Place the wood boards in the workstation area and cut the boards for making the armrests.
  6. Fit Armrest: The last step is to attach the armrest with the wood frame with the help of three metal bolts. Using the metal bolts will help the customer to remove the armrest at any time and replace them with new ones. For armrest support, a centerpiece is kept to bridge the sides of the sectional sofa frame.
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