How To Build A Rabbit Hutch Out Of Pallets: Step By Step Process Of Building A Rabbit Hutch

Step By Step Process Of Building A Rabbit Hutch Out Of Pallets

Buiding a rabbit hatch can be a little costly, however, if it is made from the pallets then it can be done in a cheap way. The best & the easy step by step process of building the rabbit hutch from the pallets is shown below:
  • The first step is to cut the 4 lengths out of pallets, for example, 150cm long, however, the owner can cut the lengths according to their need. The purpose of these lengths is to form the longest sections of the frame. Behind the 4 lengths set 2 lengths of wood for showing their original form. Get these lengths of wood from very long pallets.
  • The Next step is to cut 1-meter sections for the structural parts from pallets. These structural pieces must be the solid pallet like the pallets on which the planks are nailed. Cut out the 8 pieces in order to complete the structural parts of the rabbit hutch.
  • After that, nail down the longest sections to the shortest pieces of wood. This will form structure at the bottom of the hutch.
  • In order to build the top part, use the bottom section, which is completed, of the hutch as a template. Cut all the pieces to measure so that they will be of a suitable length. Use the bottom of the hutch as a template in making sure that the length would match up.
  • Start attaching the vertical sections of the pallet, again using the bottom section as a template. This will help in making sure that all the pieces fit suitably. Use a spirit level for making sure all the vertical sections are at the correct angle.
  • After all the vertical sections are attached to the bottom then lift the top section that has been sitting on the bottom section and then nail it to the vertical parts.
  • With the help of a staple gun attach a section of wire like the one that was previously used in fencing. Use the wire which has a large opening as this will allow the rabbits good access to the grass which will be right under the hutch.
  • Attach some of the planks from pallets to the bottom and nailed down, cut them to the length. The best option is to measure them first, then nail them.
  • Use the staple gun to attach the wire with the top side of the planks. With the help of a staple gun again, attach the wire to the sides. Staple the wire to the inside of the rabbit hutch, right on the wood.
  • After the above step is done then add additional planks as this will help to keep the wind as well as rain out of the rabbit's sleeping area. Attach the structural piece of wood with the side and then nail planks on to it.
  • Add the panels to the roof section of the sleeping area. They must be well fitted to keep the rain out. At last, it is time for the lid to the hutch. Simply make a rectangle from the wood and then nailing it into shape. Use the hutch top as the template for making sure it fits well then nail it. Also, attach the wire to the lid and attach the screw to the hinges into place.

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