How To Build A Hidden Door In A Wall: Step By Step Procedure Of Building A Hidden Door

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Building A Hidden Door In A Wall

The hidden doors as well as the hidden rooms are the easy methods to create a personal room in the home. Usually, there are different ways by which the users can easily make these hidden doors as most of them are very complex and even require the automatic opening and the high tech security measures as well. The classic style of the hidden doors are having a less complicated mechanism. The users can easily build a hidden door in a wall at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Hammer, Screwdriver, Nails
  • 1x6 Lumber, 2x4 Lumber, 1-Inch Caster
  • Ball Latch, 3 Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Wood Chisel, Drywall, Base Molding
  • Coat Hook

Step By Step Procedure

  • Calculate The Measurements: This is the most basic step as all the doors are not having any specific measurements specifically in old constructions. The users need to calculate and note down the depth, width, and height of the frame of the door and also the distance within the latch width and height. These are very important calculated measurements as they will determine the door dimension. The users are advised not to buy any materials until they won't get the proper measurements.
  • Trim The Wood: Once the users measured the door frame size dimensions then they need to purchase the wood materials so as to craft the door. The users need to purchase two 2x6s sized lumber sheets of the same door frame depth. These two pieces will act as the top and the base of the door. These two pieces will be two inches smaller than the width of the door frame. In this scenario, the users then need the two lumber sheets of the size 1x6x26 inches and they will also require to have the three lumber pieces of the door frame height. The users then need to trim down the lumber pieces as per the calculated measurements of the door.
  • Assemble The Frame Of Door: Once the users have trimmed the wood pieces as per the calculated measurements of the door then they need to nail down the middle board with the middle part of the baseboard. The users require to center these pieces to calculate and then locate the middle width and the length of baseboard. When the users start to nailing down the boards with one another then they need to put the two nails in each center point side and the other nail on the topmost board to another support board end. Then they need to affix the other leftover frame sides and then position the outer board base with the baseboard so as to create the ninety-degree angle. They need to nail down this board in the place by using two or three nails. They need to repeat the same procedure for another door side and if the users correctly assembled the door frame then they will be left with the rectangle of the same door frame width.
  • Affix The Hinges: The users are advised to be very careful while they are affixing the hinges as the wrong position of the hinge can damage the door integrity. Firstly they need to mark down the area where they want to place their hinges and make the hinge outline. They need to use the three heavy hinge spaced on the left frame side as the complete door can become very heavy. Then they need to chisel out that marked area on the exterior door frame side. When the users chisel that specific area they need to be very careful without damaging the wood and then fasten the hinges in its desired place accordingly.
  • Affix The Wheel And Latch: In order to allow the door to function smoothly the users need to install the latch and the caster so as to make it able to glide smoothly and also help it to support down its weight. Firstly they need to drill down the hole in the baseboard and this hole is used to mount the wheel and then fasten down the nut by using the screwdriver. In order to install the latch, the users need to drill the frame and the door within the similar spots and then mount the latch respectively.
  • Affix The Door: The users are advised to ask the help from any assistants so as to make the door to stand upwards within its frame. The users need to make sure to fasten the door perfectly. Then screw down the hinges at the desired place of a frame. If required the users can also sand down the topmost door side so as to make it perfectly in the frame.
  • Hide The Door: It requires the immense skill to hide the door and it also depends on the door location. The users need to start by trimming down the drywall sheet as per the dimensions of the door and then install this trimmed drywall sheet on the door surface. Then the users need to install the base molding at the door base and then to cover up the whole wall is by installing the paneling. If desired the users can also hide it up by installing the bookcase, posters, or the drywall tape to cover up the door area.
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