How To Build A Hidden Door Bookshelf: Easy Steps For Building Hidden Door Bookshelf

Easy Steps For Building A Hidden Door Bookshelf

In order to build a hidden door bookshelf that the user can customize according to their specifications, follow the instructions mentioned below:
  1. Calculate The Dimensions: First of all measure the dimension of the space so that it will be easy to know how wide the bookshelf will need to be to cover out the door. Then, the user also needs to determine whether or not the bookcase can be put far away from the door that is going to be hidden, also check can it swing outwards without hitting any neighboring walls as well as to the furniture. Its also important to make sure that the hidden door should not swing into the bookshelf.
  2. Weld A Steel Frame: The steel frame is important due to the fact that it supports the bookcase. The user should not hinge the wooden shelves directly. The steel frame that is made from box tubing will allow the door to swing easily and at the same time will support a full bookshelf with out any problem.
  3. Ceiling And Floor Anchor: Firstly the user needs to build a ceiling anchor. The ideal piece of scrap steel should already have the holes in it for purpose of the pivot bolts. Size the ceiling anchor so that it can span 3 joists. To avoid the rocking add a short arm out that can be done using the scrap steel. The shortest arm has to be aligned with a joist otherwise it will rock and eventually will break out the ceiling. For the floor anchor repeat the process same as ceiling anchor.
  4. Install The Steel Frame: Now its time to position and place the top and base anchor as well as the frame. Firstly attach the top anchor but loosely, now slip in the frame and bottom anchor on the pin having 2 washers on the pin that should be above the bearing, after that slide the whole set into the place. To check out whether its vertical in both directions simply hang a plumb bob all along the edge of the frame. In order to keep the bearing from slipping down, for that split a piece of nylon tubing at the pivot point, and slip it into the exposed bolt. Now its time to test the swing of the door frame.
  5. Build The Bookcase In The Frame: In this step the user needs to build the 2 side book shelves trim all around. In order to measure out the clearance between the crown and the trim, simply use a credit card. The trim that is on the hinged side of the shelf-door must be attached on the fixed shelf. On the non-hinged side, it should move easily with the door. If under the door the horizontal trim dives on opening then bevel notches in the trim on the right side.
  6. Install A Wooden Doorstop: Atlast its important to install the doorstopper, simply take a block of wood with a strong magnet, it should be placed at the point where the frame should rest.
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