How To Build A Corner Shower Bench: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Build A Corner Shower Bench

The shower bench can easily add more comfort and safety to any shower area. The users need to place the shower bench at the adjacent to the entry corner near to the shower sprayer. The user can easily build the corners shower bench at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Measuring Tape, Pencil And Paper
  • Mathematical Compass, Wet Tile Saw
  • 3 Square Quarry Tiles, Sandpaper, Tile Adhesive
  • Rectangular Ridged Trowel, Large Sponge
  • Safety Glass


  • Measure The Area: Start by measuring from the floor to the actual height where the users want to build the shower bench. They also need to calculate the wall that forms the edge so as to get the benchtop depth.
  • Trim The Curved Tile: Then calculate the one quarry tiles so as to make it work as the top of the bench. The users need to draw the curve over the tile by using the grease pencil and with the eighteen inches radius from any edge. Then affix the diamond-shaped blade with the tile saw and also start pump of the water so as to make the blade wet. Then before proceeding towards any step they need to wear the glasses and trim it gently at the curve by gently rotating the tile. If in case the users are not having any experience regarding trimming the tile they are advised to practice over some trash tiles.
  • Trim The Square Tiles: Now draw the line all across to the topmost corner of the two other tiles so that it will get inclined one by eight inches narrow foot. The line needs to make the slope of the three by sixteen inches within the edge of the tile that should be far within the edge. Trim down the two tiles with the damp tile saw gently as per the drawn line. The twisted tile that forms the top of the bench will settle on these. The inclined position will help the water from getting pooled over it. The user needs to be assured that the two tiles will have the same slope so that the top of the bench should be in level from one side to another when they will rest on the supporting tiles.
  • Sand And Smooth: Use the sandpaper to smooth down the curved tile corners carefully. They need to retain the shape and size and then polish down the unneeded grit.
  • Attach The Support Tiles: Before affixing the tiles the users are advised to be assured that the walls of the shower need to be dry and clean as well. They need to sand down the tiles smoothly with the sandpaper and then clean off the sanding dust. They need to apply the thin-set latex material to the tiles by using the ridged trowel. Then fit them gently with the walls and then wipe down the unneeded latex material by using the wet sponge. Then let the latex material to get dried off completely for almost one night. Before affixing the edge benchtop the users need to examine the attachment of the other tiles.
  • Affix The Corner Bench Seat: Apply the latex material to the topmost area of the supporting tiles and to walls of the shower above it. The users need to place the bench seat within the corner of the wall and then press it down over the supporting tiles so that it will have the perfect water drainage slope. Then use the wet sponge to wipe down the unneeded latex on the seat corners and to the face as well. Then allow the latex material to get dried off completely for almost one night and then examine the seat stability in the shower area before using the seat.
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