How To Build A Corner Cabinet: Easy Steps & Items Needed

Easy Steps & Items Needed To Build A Corner Cabinet

The corner cabinets usually add storage to any room of the house. The corner cabinets are triangular shaped so as to properly fit the corner of any room. The users can easily build the corner table at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-described steps:

Materials Required

  • Wood, Anchor Bolts, Pencil & Stain
  • Paper, Sandpaper & Tape Measure
  • Safety Goggles, Scissors & Wood Screws
  • Table Saw, Electric Drill & Handsaw
  • Nails & Hammer


  • Make A Plan: The users need to start by creating the plan that will consist of the corner cabinet size dimension, their wood type, and the tools as well that they need for the project completion.
  • Calculate The Measurements: Then they need to calculate the size dimensions of the top of the cabinet, side pieces and the base over the paper piece. Then the users need to trim up the paper pieces and then trace them over the wood sheets accordingly.
  • Trim The Top Pieces: Then trim out the base and the top pieces, shelves, and the side pieces by using the circular saw or the table saw.
  • Affix The Small Side Pieces: Then affix the side pieces all together and to do so they need to align up the small side pieces over the floor. Then stand up the broadside over its corner next to the small pieces of the side. The users need to assure that the corners fix up tightly and then nail within the wider piece face directly to the corner of the small piece. The users need to assure that the nail will go perfectly straight so that it won't destroy the other wood piece. Then the side pieces will form up the V shape.
  • Affix The Base & Top Side Pieces: Then the users need to affix the base and the top side pieces and then make the side pieces stand on one end. Then take up the triangular-shaped top piece and then make it lay over the side pieces top. The users need to assure that the corners are rightly lined up so as to form the clean finish and then nail down the pieces and nail it in the straight line without damaging another wood piece. Follow the same process while affixing the base pieces.
  • Affix The Shelves: Then the users need to calculate the area where they want to affix their shelves from the base up and then drill the small holes at the marked location of shelves. Then use the level so as to assure leveling of the shelves and then nail within the drilled holes so as to affix the shelves to the cabinets.
  • Use The Sandpaper: Then use the high grit sandpaper so as to sand down the entire surface of the cabinet in order to get rid of the blemishes and the rough spots and to achieve the smooth surface respectively.
  • Apply The Paint: Then they need to apply the paint layer to the entire surface of the cabinet by using the rag and then allow the paint to get dried off completely.
  • Affix The Cabinet: Once the paint is completely dried the users finally need to affix the cabinet at the walls of the corner by using the anchor bolts accordingly.
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