How To Build A Corner Cabinet For A TV: Easy Procedure & Items Required

Easy Procedure & Items Required To Build A Corner Cabinet For A TV

The users can easily build a corner cabinet for a TV at home by gathering the below-mentioned material required for the process and then following the below-described procedure:

Materials Required

  • 3/4 -Inch Plywood
  • Kraft Paper & Wood Glue
  • 1x6-Inch Lumber Boards & Wood Screws
  • Circular Saw, Sander & Timber Stain
  • Nail Gun, Hinges, Doorknob & Drawer Pulls


  • Plan The Design: The design plan of the cabinets will specifically depend on the TV size and the users need to figure out the width of the cabinet and they can also add more shelves, doors, and the cabinet drawers as well. The shelves will be used to store CD collections, remote controls, and cord storage.
  • Craft The Scale Model: The users are advised that before trimming the plywood they need to craft the scale model by trimming the kraft paper pieces and then taping those trimmed pieces to the walls so as to get the perfect idea of the size dimensions that will fit that area.
  • Measure And Trim The Plywood: Then the users need to trim the base and the top pieces of the stand as per the calculated measurements. They need to start by purchasing the square-shaped plywood pieces and then they need to mark the diagonal line at the plywood sheet center and then trim it by using the circular saw.
  • Trim The Additional Shelves: The additional shelves can easily be crafted by trimming down more plywood boards according to the size dimension of the base and the top of the cabinet. The users are advised to add at least one additional shelf so as to accommodate the TV and they can add more shelves as per their need.
  • Square Off The Back Pieces: Once the users trimmed all the triangular pieces then the users need to square off the back pieces so as to make the space for the cords.
  • Trim The Cabinet Support Boards: Then users need to trim the lumber board as per the cabinet height and they are used to support the front-most sides and backmost sides as well.
  • Sand Down The Pieces: Finally the users need to use the electric sander so as to sand down all the unsmooth corners of the wood pieces accordingly.
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