How To Build A Coffee Table: 4 Easy Steps

What Are The Steps To Build A Coffee Table?

It is easy to build a custom coffee table. A coffee table is composed of a top, an apron, and legs. Below given steps need to be followed in order to build a coffee table:

Step 1: Making The Apron

The first thing is to make the apron and the steps involved in this are given below:
  1. Cut The Wood: Take an 8 feet board and mark the board with a pencil according to the dimensions of the table. Cut the two pieces of wood that are of the dimensions 42-inch length, 4-inch breadth, and 1-inch height. Use a miter saw or handsaw to cut the wood.
  2. Saw The Boards: Take another 8 feet board and cut three pieces of wood that are of the dimensions 24-inch length, 4-inch breadth, and 1-inch height. Then make the edges of the wood pieces straight by sawing.
  3. Arrange The Boards: Now put the wooden board pieces on the floor and arrange them in a rectangular shape by putting the two shorter pieces at the ends of the longer board pieces. The third shorter piece is placed in the middle so that it acts as a support beam.
  4. Nail The Corners: To join the boards together 2-inch nails are used on the longer sides of the board. Thus making the apron is completed.

Step 2: Adding A Tabletop

The steps to be followed in making the tabletop are mentioned below:
  1. Use a plywood sheet for making the tabletop of the coffee table. Then cut the plywood sheet according to the dimensions 48-inch length, 28-inch breadth, and 1-inch thickness.
  2. Now the next step is to attach the tabletop with the apron. This can be done by applying wood glue on the edges of the apron. Remove extra glue from the edges with the help of foam brush.
  3. Hold the tabletop on the apron for about 1 minute or place some heavy object on the glued area.
  4. To securely attach tabletop with the apron 2-inch nails are used and these nails are hammered into the apron from the top side of the table.

Step 3: Attaching The Legs

  1. Turn the table upside down and cut the 4 pieces of wood from 8 feet board. The dimensions of the wood pieces should be of 17-inch length, 4-inch breadth and height.
  2. Place the 4 legs at the 4 corners against the apron. Take a drill and make holes at the corners of the apron and at the legs as well.
  3. Put screws in the drilled holes and use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Then turn the table’s right side up.

Step 4: Putting On A Finish

  1. Take sandpaper and sand the whole surface of the table including legs, top, aprons, and sides. Then apply stain wood on the surface of the coffee table.
  2. Before paint, apply a thin layer of primer on to the coffee table. When the primer dries apply two coats of paint on the table. Then allow it to dry for about 4 hours.
  3. At last, apply wood finish on the table to protect and secure the wood from moisture.
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