How To Build A Closet Organizer: Step By Step Procedure Of Building A Closet Organizer

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Building A Closet Organizer

The closet organizers usually help in streamlining their early morning routine and will also help in getting rid of the messed space. The users can either directly purchase their closet system or they can save up their money by crafting their own organizer. The users can easily build a closet organizer by following the below mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Tape Measure, Angle Square, Framing Square
  • Chalk Line, Table Saw Or Circular Saw
  • Drill Or Driver, Hammer, Nail Set
  • Long Bar Clamps, Utility Knife, Metal Straightedge
  • Stud Finder, 3/4X48X96-Inch Birch Plywood


  • Rip Plywood: This project requires the 2 plywood sheets and the users need to use the table saw by using the helper or the round saw with the straight edge so as to cut the sheet of the plywood into the 4 twelve inch sized wide pieces, 2 17-1/2- inch sized wide pieces, and 1 10-1/2-inch sized pieces.
  • Crosscut the Plywood: The users need to cut off the sheets of the plywood as per the calculated measurements. Then they need to affix the two feet length of the three by four-inch stock with the gauge so as to immensely support up the plywood. Eventually, they need to use the round saw with the cross-trimming jig. Then they need to use the masking tape so as to label down each part as they start trimming.
  • Layout The Lines: Then position the divider sides opposite to one another with the inner faces upwards and tops and the base flushed. Use the framing square so as to lay out the lines for the base of 4 dividers.
  • Glue And then Nail: Now apply the wood glue to the topmost divider edges and affix the divider top with the four D nails. Then glue down and nail the divider base in the perfect pattern. The users need to use the square of the framing to examine the box before the wood glue is dried off completely.
  • Affix The Divider Shelf: Next slip the divider shelf of sweater in the place and then gently align its base with the layout lines. Then affix it with the four D nails slide differently within the sides. Examine the square and then fulfill the nailing process and then repeat the same procedure for the other shelves as well.
  • Lay Out the Shoe Rack: The users need to repeat the same process as they did it for the divider of the sweater and then lay down the base and top rack and the vertical shelf and side to side layouts the vertical dividers place. Then center the shelf so that its edges are three by four inch within the base and top ends.
  • Attach the Other Dividers: Now glue down and then clamp the vertical divider with the base. The users need to be assured that the divider is lined up with the layout and then fasten with the four D finished nails. Then affix the sides in the same manner and then make sure that the base ends are flushed with all the sides.
  • Glue And Clamp: Then the users need to apply the glue on the shoe rack ends and then glue down and clampdown the shelves with the dividers. They need to examine the square and then nail them in the place and then nail down within the shelf ends.
  • Attach the Remaining Vertical Dividers: Glue down and then clamp down the one dividers at the topmost. Then line up and then fasten it by using the four D nails. Then the users need to repeat the leftover dividers.
  • Secure the Top Dividers: The users need to apply the wood glue with the topmost sides edges and the base of the divider that they affixed with the top. Then they need to nail down the topmost sides and they need to be assured that the assembled portion is square and then fasten the divider top within the vertical shelf by the toe-nailing with the back and the front portion.
  • Add the Edge Banding: Then they need to lay the base and top-shelf by the side to the side to note down the placement of the 2 dividers. Then glue it down and then clamp up the dividers within the place and then fasten it by using the four D nails. Then they need to cover up the front-most corners by using the corner banding.
  • Finish And then Layout: Apply the finish and center down the divider of the sweater within the closet and then affix the rack of the shoe. Then position down the cleat heights within the divider and the sides of the closet with the level of the two feet. Then find out the studs in both closet sides by using the stud finder.
  • Affix The Cleats: Next trim down the cleats from 1x2 sized plywood and then affix the cleats by using the drywall screws with the corner of the closet and then affix the cleats with the middle divider by using the nails and the glue.
  • Install Shelves: Then install the rightmost shelf and the leftmost shelf by using the nails driven downwards within each cleat. Fit the cleats beneath the shelf top and then install it in the same manner as they installed the other cleats.
  • Cut The Pole Cleats: Next they users need to trim the six pole cleats as per the shelf cleat length. Then they need to layout the cleats and then affix it with the screws within the studs on the wall and then glue and pair down the divider with the four D nails.
  • Fill the Screw And Nail the Holes: Finally fill up the screw and the nail holes within the cleats and then paint down the cleats so as to match it up with the closet. Then install the pole hangers within the closet back and then trim the poles as per the measured length and then install it respectively.
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