How To Blend Hardwood Floors: 5 Ways To Blend

Ways To Blend Hardwood Floors

There are different ways through which customer can blend the hardwood floors. Blending new floor with the existing floor is important in order to make a smooth transition. The different ways are mentioned below to blend the hardwood floors:
  1. Match Tones: The main cause of mismatching the hardwood floors is sun fading. Collect different samples of the faded floor of the same color and match with the color of the existing faded floor. The exact match may not be there but the closest one can be selected.
  2. Staining: It is not essential to sand and stain the new and existing floor at the same time. Make a custom mixed stain which matches with the existing wood floor stain.
  3. T-Molding: The gaps between the installed hardwoods can be filled by using T-molding or also called as transition strips. T-molding is directly placed on the seam.
  4. Fix Imperfections: The scratches and cuts on the floor surface can be repaired by using a stain pen. Tip of stain pen is placed on the imperfect area and the area is filled with the stain, the extra stain is removed from the floor by a wet cloth.
  5. Plank Thickness: The thickness of the floor wood planks should match with the existing hardwood floor planks.
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