How To Avoid Fungus On Wooden Furniture: Easy Steps To Prevent Fungus Or Mold

Fungus Or Mold spores float via air, indoors and outdoors, the user can't detect them until they start growing. The right conditions, like moisture and warmth, is the main reason to grow fungus. The fungus likes to grow on wooden furniture because of its natural property which helps fungus to grow. The user needs to clean the wooden furniture regularly to avoid fungus on it.

Easy Steps To Prevent Fungus Or Mold On Wooden Furniture

There are many easy ways to remove fungus from wooden furniture, some are described below. Read and follow the given steps carefully to avoid fungus on the wooden furniture.


  1. Safety: Always remember to wear security items like mouth mask, eye goggles, and hand gloves in order to protect yourself from any damage in the body.
  2. Prevent The Spread: Perform this process in wide and open area in order to avoid spread of fungus on other items.
  3. Vacuum: There is a HEPA filter for a vacuum cleaner, attach this filter to the vacuum cleaner then start vacuuming the wooden furniture. Check the vacuum bag if it is full with dust then throw it carefully.

Cleaning Light Mold

  1. Sunlight: Sunlight is the easy and quick way to remove light mold and fungus from the wooden furniture, leave the furniture outside indirectly in sunlight and bring the furniture back at sunset. Repeat this process for 2-3 days if necessary.
  2. Vodka: Fill cheap vodka in a spray bottle, then bring the furniture outside directly in sunlight and spray the vodka on the fungus or mold, leave the furniture in sunlight in order to dry completely.
  3. Dish Soap And A Soft Bristle Brush: Dish soap And water should be mixed in the water bucket, now take bristle brush and dip it in this mixture. Use a circular motion for this process to get best results.
  4. Distilled Vinegar: Distilled white vinegar is the best fungus killer. Take some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the vinegar on fungus then wait for 1 hour then wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

Removing Stubborn Mold

  1. Bleach Solution: Mix 2½ cups (591 ml) of bleach, quarter cup (59 ml) of detergent, and 5 cups (1.2 L) of water in a water bucket.
  2. Apply The Bleach: Use scrub sponge or a stiff bristle brush and dip it in the bleach and use moderate pressure on the brush to clean the fungus from wooden furniture. Let the furniture dry in the sunshine for few hours.
  3. Sand Off: After applying bleach and drying the furniture, now Use a fine grit (120 to 220) sandpaper and lightly sand the fungus infected area.
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