How To Attach A Glass Shelf To A Mirror: Step By Step Easy Way Of Attaching Glass Shelf To A Mirror

Step By Step Easy Way Of Attaching A Glass Shelf To A Mirror

The glass shelf attached to the mirror is a very useful space on which the user can place a number of items. In order to attach a glass shelf to a mirror, simply go through the step by step easy way mentioned below:
  1. Take the dimensions of the glass shelf as well as of the mirror & note them down. After that run the stud finder horizontally all along the wall. Draw an X on the stud, once it is located, with a pencil, continue finding the studs horizontally on the wall, and make an X mark on each stud.
  2. Decide where the mirror must be installed. Also, make sure that the mirror is at eye-level for the majority of the users. Choose the studs to install the mirror on. Make a hole in the left stud with the help of a stud finder. This is the upper left-brace which will hold the upper left corner of the mirror.
  3. Now after the above step is done then hold the plumb bob on the hole and then leave it to hang down. According to the dimensions, measure out the vertical length of the mirror right from the hole that is just drilled to the plumb line. Now mark on the stud the measurement which is needed to fit the mirror. This is where the bottom brace for the mirror or the shelf will be.
  4. With a drill make a hole on the mark. Put a wall anchor on both the holes. Position the level all above the top anchor. Reposition the level until it is level. Now measure the right side to the same distance as the width of the mirror, this will help to find the place for the third anchor. If in case the line does not end on a stud, that time simply move to the left to find out the closest stud and then mark it. Make a hole on the mark and then insert the other anchor and mark the bottom right corner of the mirror in the same way as did for left.
  5. Finally drill the fourth and the last hole then place an anchor. Carefully position the top of the mirror clips on the top anchors, in a way so that the hole on the clip will be on the hole in the anchor. In each hole drill a wood screw, securing the clip with the wall. Place the clips of the bottom mirror with the shelf clip exactly on the bottom anchors, keep the hole on the clip on the hole in the anchor.
  6. Slide the mirror in the slots on the clips. Make sure that the mirror is fully centered between both the two sets of anchors. Take a cork-tipped screw and screw using the Allen wrench in the holes that are on the top mirror clips, this will help to tighten the mirror and hold it in place. Place the glass shelf on the shelf clip. Make sure the shelf is centered between the two sets of anchors and then screw with cork-tipped screws.
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