How To Arrange Two Sofas In Living Room: Best & Creative Ways

Best & Creative Ways To Arrange Two Sofas In Living Room

Arranging a living room with two sofas will help to provide additional stylish seating. Arrange the sofas in a way that creates a functional layout and can easily accommodate the needs as well as the available floor space. Some of the best & creative ways to arrange two sofas in a living room are as follows:

Way 1: Facing Each Other

  • The first idea is to arrange a pair of sofas in a way so that they will face each other and provides the best conversation area.
  • Position the front-facing of the sofas in a way so that they are a focal point in the living room. For example, position the two sofas to face each other, and keep the fireplace centered to the open end of the sofa arrangement.
  • This layout will help to draw the attention to the fireplace and at the same time give a symmetrically-balanced arrangement for the conversation. Position a large, rectangular ottoman in-between the sofas to place some snack on table and footrest.
  • If the 2 sofas are unequal in lengths, that time simply position a small end table right beside the shorter one as this will help to balance the weight of the longer sofa.

Way 2: Back-To-Back

  • A back-to-back arrangement of the sofa will help to divide a large living room into the 2 separate sitting areas.
  • For this place the two sofas in the middle of a spacious living room in a way so that the sofa backs against each other. To position a sofa table in between them simply slide the sofas apart.
  • At the top of the table place a lamp on each end and a tall vase of flowers or simply keep potted greenery centered right in the middle.
  • This arrangement will help to provide the task for lighting for both of the sofas, as well as also supplying a division in between separate spaces. In order to complete each sitting area place a pair of chairs and coffee tables.

Way 3: L-Shaped Arrangement

In this idea, the user needs to create an L-shaped furniture layout with the 2 sofas by simply positioning them adjacent to one another. Place an end table right in the small space between the sofas and also put a table lamp at the top of the end table as this will help to illuminate the area for reading. If adding a third sofa on the open end of the L will help to form a U-shaped arrangement, which will offer even more additional seating. Place the open section of the L-shaped layout right toward a window.

Way 4: Other options

Lay down a rug in between two sofas to anchor them in the living room, this will help in providing a cohesive, arrangement. When placing the sofas against a wall, keep at least 1 or 2 inches between the wall and the sofa. This will help to protect the upholstery damage that can result from a sofa rubbing against a wall. Besides that, it will also help in protecting a wall from scrapes. The sofas that are floating in the middle of a living room, can divide two areas, such as a dining and the living room, it is open-concept room design.
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