How To Arrange Throw Pillows On A Bed: Easy Steps

General Overview

Stylish bedroom with a stunning arrangement of the decorative and functional pillows make sense. There are a number of ways to make the bedroom more decorative and luxurious in look and one of them is a unique arrangement of the bed pillows to add more charm. This can be done simply by following some creative methods that will not only make beds alluring but will add the glamour to the entire bedroom decor. Apart from making the decorative point of view proper arrangement of the bed pillows also offer superb comfort.

Easy Steps To Arrange The Throw Pillows On Different Beds

Here are the different ways to arrange the throw pillows on different beds to make them look more sensational.

For King Size Beds

One way of arranging the pillows on king size beds is to use four number of king pillows, 3 number of the euro pillows and 1 large bolster.


Two King Pillows: The placement of these pillows must be against the headboard.
Euro Pillows: Arrange three number of euro pillows next to the king pillows.
Bolster: Keep the bolster in center position at the front of all pillows.

Queen Bed

One of the best ways to arrange pillows on the queen bed is mentioned below:
  • 2 euro pillows
  • 4 standard and 2 accent pillows

The arrangement must be done like placing two standard pillows against the headboard and follow by arranging the euro pillows at the center in front of the standard pillows. Then keep the additional standard in front of the euro pillows and at the front accent pillows are required to be placed to get the elegant look.

Twin Bed Pillow

Follow the steps below for the beautiful arrangement of the pillows on twin beds:

Pillows Required

  • 1 Standard and Accent Pillow
  • 1 Euro Pillow

The placement must be done by keeping the standard pillow in the center position against the headboard. Once done keep the euro pillow in front of the standard pillow and put the accent pillow in the center position in front of them all to add the exceptional look.
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