How To Apply Polyurethane To Wood Floors Lambswool: Best Way To Apply

Lambswool applicator is usually fitted on a wood block that is one of the best-recommended methods for applying oil-based polyurethane to a hardwood floor. But in case of the recently bought lambswool applicator, the fibers will get stuck in a wet finish. So it is very important to Store the lambswool in mineral spirits or polyurethane before using it.

Best Way To Apply Polyurethane To Wood Floors Lambswool

  1. Clean: Begin with cleaning the floor, simply apply the mineral spirits on a rag to remove any kind of dust or debris before applying polyurethane with Lambswool. Allow the wood floor to dry completely.
  2. Stir: Now stir the Polyurethane can well with the help of a stick, mixing it well will reduce the chance of the bubbles. However, it is advised not to shake the can as it increases the chances of bubbles. After that pour the Polyurethane in the tray.
  3. Lambswool: Now roll a lambswool pad and in the polyurethane to saturate it with the application.
  4. Apply: Apply the Polyurethane in the thin coat and even coat. Use the Lambswool pad in the back and forth direction and continuously wet the edge of the pad, in order to prevent the excess bubbling avoid overworking at the same spot. Allow it dry completely.
  5. Sand: Once the first coat is dry then sand the floor with the 220-grit sandpaper so that any imperfection or bubbling will be removed. Sand in the directions of the wood grains. After that wipe the area with the mineral spirit. Then apply the second thin coat with the Lambswool applicator.
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