How To Apply Polyurethane To Floors: Steps To Apply Polyurethane To Wood Floors Without Bubbles

Best Way To Apply Polyurethane To Wood Floors Without Bubbles

The best way to apply Polyurethane to the Wood Floors Without Bubbles are as follows:

Choosing Polyurethane Finish

There are different types of the Polyurethane Finish which are mentioned below:
  1. Water-based Polyurethane: The water-based polyurethane has a quick drying time than the oil based Polyurethane. It looks milky or dull in the can but it gives clear finish once it dries after applying.
  2. Oil-based Polyurethane: In case the user wants to add deeper hue to the floor than it is the best option for them. It tends to turn yellow with the span of time. Besides that, it has a strong odor and takes a long time to dry.
  3. Matte Or Glossy Polyurethane Finish: The other option to choose from is matte, satin finish, or semi-glossy. In order to select any one of them to make a test on the scrap paper then decide with which one to go for.

Prepping The Floor

  1. Sand: The first step to prepare the floor is to sand the area with the different levels of the sandpaper, starting from the 36 grit sandpaper followed by 60-grit and finish with the 100 grit sandpaper. Besides that pay close attention to the hidden spots like corners.
  2. Vacuum: Once the sanding is completed then vacuum the floor to remove all the dust and debris.
  3. Mineral Spirits: The next step is to wipe down the area with the mineral spirit, this will help to clean all the remaining dust and debris. Simply apply the mineral spirit to the cloth and wipe the area.
  4. Masking Tape: In order to protect the baseboard from the accidental brushing use the masking tape.

Applying Polyurethane

  1. Stir: First of all, stir the Polyurethane well with a stick so that there is no chance of the bubbles and don't shake the can as it can introduce bubbles in the Polyurethane.
  2. Apply: Now, apply the thin layer of the Polyurethane with the brush or painters pad, avoid using the lambswool pad as it collects the dirt easily. In order to apply the thin coat use long and even strokes. Allow the coat to dry completely.
  3. Sand: Once the first coat is completely dried then use the 220-grit sandpaper to sand down any imperfections. Sand in the lines of the grains. Once the sanding is done wipe down the floor with clean cloth.
  4. Wipe: Use the mild soap and water solution to clean the water-based Polyurethane and mineral spirit for the oil-based.
  5. Second Coat: Before applying the second coat thin the Polyurethane so that there is less chance of bubbles. Simply use water for water-based Polyurethane and mineral for oil-based. Then apply the coat and allow to dry completely.
  6. Remove Imperfections: After the coat is dried remove imperfections or make the entire coat even with the help of steel wool grade 0000. Then again clean the floor as mentioned above.
  7. Final Coat: For the final coat use the full strength Polyurethane, allow the final coat to dry for almost 24 hours.
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