How To Apply Cowhide To Furniture: Easy Procedure & Items Required

Easy Procedure & Items Required To Apply Cowhide To Furniture

If in case the users want to make their furniture to have the appearance like the cowhide but they are worried about their cost then they are advised to consider making them itself. Crafting the cowhide furnishing items can be less expensive than the real ones. The users can easily apply the cowhide to furniture at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined procedure:

Materials Required

  • Upholstery Staple Remover, Foam & Quilt Batting
  • A Tack Remover, A Carving Knife & Scissors
  • Iron, Hot Glue Gun & Staple Gun
  • Cowhide


  • Make The Template: Start by making the template of what the users exactly need. They need to detach the pre-existing upholstery by using the staple remover and the track remover. Once the user detached the old upholstery then they need to trace it down over the cardboard or paper piece and that will depend on what actual size they need.
  • Trim The Foam: Then the users need to use their new template so as to trim the foam as per the size that will be used for the cushions. If the foam of the cushion is still in good condition they can use the actual foam for the furniture piece but if the cushion foam is not in good condition then they need to buy the new foam. In order to make the foam trimming process easy, they need to use the upholstery knife.
  • Wrap The Foam: Then they need to wrap down the foam within the batting of the quilt. Then fasten it by using the glue gun and that should be hot.
  • Trim The Cowhide: After that, the users need to use this template for trimming the cowhide as per the exact size. The users need to trim this enough for all of their upholstery and if needed for the cushions as well for the chair and for the couch backing as well. The users need to use the sharp scissors for doing this job easily but if in case the leather is very thick then they need to think of using the upholstery knife.
  • Iron The Cowhide: Once the users trimmed their cowhide leather then they need to iron it down before the users affix to the surface of the furniture item. Even at times, the cowhide leather gets wrinkly so that is why the users need to take care of the wrinkles of the cowhide leather before they affix it. The users need to put the damp cloth in between the iron and the cowhide leather and by that the users will attain good results.
  • Affix The Cowhide: Finally the users need to use the staple gun so as to affix the cowhide upholstery. In order to attain most of the stretch in their cowhide upholstery then they need to use the iron so as to heat the cowhide up before affixing it. The users need to be very patient while doing this step so as to be assured to get the smooth finished furnishing piece.
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