How To Antique Outdoor Furniture: Steps To Antique Using Paint, Stain & Glaze

General Overview

The antique furniture look comes with its own charm and enhances the overall surrounding. The furniture can be updated with the antique makeover using an ample number of ways. The antiquing and distressing of the furniture at your own saves a lot of money and also gets the job done as desired as it is not any hard task to follow. It requires a simple methodology and certain home tools to distress or antique the furniture.

Steps To Antique Outdoor Furniture Using Paint And Stain

Easy steps to antique outdoor furniture with the help of the paint and stain are as follows:

Items Required

The list of the items that are required to antique the furniture is mentioned below:
  • Liquid sander, Spray primer.
  • Spray paint, Stain.
  • Hardware Spray Paint.
  • Clear spray sealer, polyurethane, Rags.
  • Electric sander, Standard 150-grit sandpaper.
  • Paint brush, Piece of cardboard, Foam brush.

Steps To Proceed

1.Remove Hardware: All hardware from the furniture piece needs to be removed first and then clean the furniture piece perfectly.
2.Liquid Sander: The next step is to apply the liquid sander with the help of the dry rag cloth. Make sure, to apply the sander as per the instructions directed on the product.
3.Spray Primer: The Spray primer needs to be applied over the furniture. Ensure to avoid over spraying.
4.Spray Paint: Once the priming is done the application of the spray paint over the furniture is recommended. Ensure to apply according to the guidelines mentioned on the product. Let it dry as directed on the product.
5.Top Staining: In case of staining needs to be applied on the top then smooth the top using the electric sander attached 80-grit sandpaper. Once done re-sand the surface using 150-grit sandpaper.
6.Standard Sandpaper: The manual sanding must be done by using the standard sandpaper in order to even the hard to reach area.
7.Staining: Pour the required amount of the stain over the dry rag cloth and apply over the top of the furniture piece. Following instructions labeled are a must.
8.Antique: Wipe off the stain applied on the portions like drawers using the multiple rags. Avoid rubbing the stain in excess. Continue the process until the antique look is achieved.

Simple Ways To Antique Furniture With Glaze

Simple ways to antique furniture with glaze are mentioned below:
1.Sanding: Use sandpaper in order to distress the area needed to glaze.
2.Wipe Off: Wipe Off all the sanding residue to proceed further.
3.Glaze Mixture: Take the brush and drop it into the glaze mixture. Ensure to wipe the excess mixture to the container for application.
4.Application: Start with applying the glaze mixture into the areas with grooves and depressions. Extend the application to the furniture surface.
5.Excess Glaze: The excess of the glaze must be wiped off using the clean lint-free rag. Finish by using the baby wipes in order to achieve much better results. The steps can be repeated until the satisfactory results can be achieved.

Ways To Chalk Paint To Get The Antique Look

Ways To get the antique furniture look using chalk paint is mentioned below:
1.Choose Color: Opt for the desired chalk paint colors to create the base.
2.Dry: Let the base color dry to apply chalk paint of the second color and allow it to dry.
3.Clear Coat: Application of the clear chalk paint coat wax over the surface with the help of the brush. Any excess needs to be removed using the lint-free cloth.
4.Sanding: The sanding of the surface needs to be done once the wax is mildly dried. It must be done with the sanding pads. First medium and then fine grit sandpaper must be used to achieve the desired distressed look.
5.Clear Chalk Paint Wax: Apply the wax over the surface to keep it protected for longer.
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