How To Add Glass Doors To A Bookshelf: Easy Steps & Items Needed

Easy Steps & Items Needed To Add The Glass Door To The Bookshelf

The users can easily add the glass door to the bookshelf by following the below-mentioned steps after collecting the certain items required for the procedure:

Items Required

  • Wood & Glass Slabs
  • Saw & Table
  • Nails & Hinges
  • Glue & Measuring Tape
  • Framing Square


  1. Measurements: The users need to start by measuring the bookshelf in order to determine the thickness and the length of the door of the bookshelf that needs to get installed.
  2. Purchase The Wood: Then they need to purchase the wood that will be used as the glass bookshelf panels based on the taken measurements respectively.
  3. Making The Recess: Then they need to introduce the recess or the incurvature of the purchased wood. The users need to get assured that the recess should be 1x4 inches in its depth and 1x8 in its thickness.
  4. Measuring The Glass Doors: The users need to find out the central area of the bookshelf in order to determine the glass doors measurements. From the central point, the users need to calculate the right to the left edge of the bookshelf in order to get accurate measurements.
  5. Purchasing The Glass Doors: Then they need to have the glass trim as per the taken measurements but the users are advised to maximize 1/2 inch on each of the sides while measuring the glass respectively.
  6. Making The Cuts: Then they need to make the cuts at the 45-degree angles over the top at its thickness, and also at the wood base. The users need to make sure that the diagonal cuts should be facing inwards direction and this activity has to get performed over the doors.
  7. The Grooves: Then they need to fit up the glass in the grooves and the glass should bulge out 1/4 inch at the 45-degree angles in the inner side.
  8. Trim The Board: Then they need to trim the straight boards in the same manner that they trimmed piece at the base and at the top as well.
  9. Applying The Glue: The users then need to use the wood glue in order to affix the frames together and then allow the glue to get dried off completely for almost one day.
  10. Re-checking: The users need to check that the frame edges should be perfectly squared and the flushed and to confirm this the users need to use the framing square accordingly.
  11. Mounting Hinges: Then users need to affix the hinges at the door of the bookshelf and they need to make sure that the hinges should be 2 inches far from the top and from the base as well. Then they need to affix the doors of the bookshelf respectively.
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