How To Acclimate Engineered Wood Flooring: Easy Steps For Acclimation


Conditioning the wood floor is also known as acclimation. The Acclimation process is the main method to describes the condition of the hardwood floor. National Wood Flooring Association says that wood floor acclimation is the main process of adjusting the moisture of wood floor in a suitable environment. The humidity range of 30-50% is best for engineered wood flooring. Mass timber, man-made wood, composite wood or manufactured board is another name of Engineered Wood. Acclimation is a very important process before applying the Engineered Wood Flooring. The process of conditioning allows the wood to reach its equilibrium moisture content (EMC).

Steps For Acclimation

  1. Heating And Air: Make sure that the heat and air condition of the working area is suitable for wood flooring. If the temperature condition of the working area is not suitable for Engineered Wood Flooring then the user will face problems.
  2. Moisture: Now check the moisture content of Engineered Wood Flooring and its subfloor. The suitable temperature for engineered wood flooring is 6.1 to 9.4 (Fahrenheit)
  3. Leave: Leave the Engineered Wood Flooring for acclimation for up to 2 days. Always remember to check the condition of wood flooring between short periods of time.
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