How Much Can I Trim Off A Solid Door: Two Easy Methods & Items Needed To Trim Off A Solid Door

Two Easy Methods And Items Needed To Trim Off A Solid Door

If your door gets stuck while opening or closing and you want to get rid out of this problem, then you just need to gather the required items and then go through the below mentioned two methods. Here are the items list and two easy methods for this process:

Things Needed

  • Measuring Tape & Utility Knife
  • Metal Straightedge Guide
  • Portable Power Plane
  • 150-Grit Sandpaper
  • Tack Cloth & Polyurethane Sealer
  • Paintbrush, Circular Saw & Clamps

Method 1: For Cuts Less Than 3/16 Inch

  • First of all, clamp your door onto a pair of sawhorses. Alternately, you need to seek help from your friend who will assist you in holding your door tightly while working.
  • Next, measure door length & then continue your work by marking the cut line on the bottom area. You need to use a metal straightedge guide for marking a clear & straight line.
  • Now use a utility knife in order to score the cut line. Cut through with the top layer of the wood fibers on your door numerous times. This will also avert the wood from disintegrating spall shiver when you will plane it.
  • After that, it's time to adjust the depth of your power planer & this can be done by turning your knob according to manufacturer guidance.
  • Then, place the planer on the bottom edge area of your door so that the front plate rests on the edge area of your door but the blade will not touch your door. Press your trigger & then run the planer but make sure to run it across the edge with even pressure but you don't have to move too slowly because this will create dips or gaps in your door. Simply swipe your planer over the edge.
  • It's time to check your cut line & then plane your door again if indispensable.
  • Now you need to sand the bottom area of your solid door with the help of 150-grit sandpaper and wipe the sand dust which comes after sanding process by using a tack cloth.
  • Finally, apply respective thin coats of the polyurethane sealer to your bare wood & allow each coat of sealer to dry before adding the next one.

Method 2: For Cuts Greater Than 3/16 Inch

  • Firstly, on the sawhorses, you need to place the door and then clamp it down or take help of someone who will hold your door tightly while working.
  • The next thing is to measure the door length & then make a mark on the cut line of the door bottom using a metal straightedge for making a clear & straight line.
  • Repeatedly score marked the line by using a utility knife for cutting through the top layer of the wood fibers because this can avert splintering while you cut it with your circular saw.
  • Now continue your work by clamping your metal straightedge guide onto your door so the edge of your tool lines up with your cut line.
  • Place your circular saw into the position on your solid door so that your blade lines up with your metal straightedge guide. Simply saw your solid door on the cut line, moving your blade slowly along with the guide.
  • Next, sand the bottom of your door with the help of 150-grit sandpaper. Wipe & clean the dust with your tack cloth.
  • Finally, apply respective thin coats of polyurethane sealer as you did before & allow each coat to dry wholly before adding another coat.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need to trim off more than 1 inch from your solid door then you just need to cut off half from the top & half from the bottom.
  • You can also rent a power planer from any nearby home improvement center or tool rental store.
  • Before you plane your door you need to do practice on scrap wood to get the feel of your machine.
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