How Do You Seal Painted Cabinets: Best And Easy Way To Seal Cabinets

Best And Easy Way To Seal Painted Cabinets

The best and easy way to Seal Painted Cabinets is as follows:
  1. Prepare: The first step is to Prepare the cabinets, which means to empty the cabinets completely and remove all the knobs and handles from the doors with the help of the screwdriver. For the later use secure the items in a safe place.
  2. Degreasing Compound: The user needs to wear the cotton face mask for the dust protection after that prepare a solution by mixing 2 ounces of powdered trisodium phosphate into one gallon of warm tap water. Mix thoroughly until the TSP gets diluted. The trisodium phosphate is very helpful in cleaning the decreasing painted surface.
  3. Clean The Cabinets: The next step is to clean the cabinets but protect the other areas from the spills by spreading the drop cloth. Then with the sponge dipped in the solution wipe the cabinets, then rinse off the tsp solution from the surface by wiping with the cloth soaked in the water let the cabinets to dry completely.
  4. Sealer: Now its time to apply the thin coats of the Sealer clear dewaxed shellac to all cabinet surfaces with the natural fiber paintbrush or with the disposable foam applicator. Allow it to dry then sand with the 220 grit sandpaper, sanding will help to remove any kind of the irregularities then clean the sanding dust and go for the second coat.
  5. Sealer Coat: With the best quality high-grade synthetic fiber brush apply the smoothest polyurethane-finish coat. Apply the thin coat and allow to dry for hours 2 days, then sand to remove any bubbles then wipe the sanding residue and apply the other coat.
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