How Do You Make A Door Into A Swinging Bookcase: Easy Directions Of Making A Door Into A Swinging Bookcase

Easy Directions Of Making A Door Into A Swinging Bookcase

A swinging bookcase is a very useful unit that can have a good amount of storage without taking too much space. In order to make a door for a swinging bookcase, the users need to follow the step by step directions mentioned below:

Step 1: Spacing

The first step is to measure as well as divide the shelving of the bookcase into spaces no larger than the 24 inches. For instance, if the shelving is 48 inches wide then simply have two sections. Then, measure up the height of the shelves right from the bottom shelf to the top. Cut out the three 3/4-by-3-inch pieces of the poplar to the needed length with the help of a miter saw. Always divide the shelving, no matter what the length, into the equal even spaces. This will help to make everything look balanced, but it is advisable not to try to make the spaces wider than the 24 inches in the width or the smaller than 12 inches for most of the ideal door sizes.

Step 2: Stiles

The next step is to place one of the pieces of poplar at each of the ends of the shelving as this will serve as the vertical stile. Stile and rail are the two terms. Stiles is known as the vertical pieces and the rails are the horizontal pieces, but the user doesn't need them for the minimalistic type of door. The poplar stile will fit vertically flat with the shelves from top to the bottom. With the help of a nail gun shoot 2 nails in the poplar piece into each one of the shelves. Attach both of the sides as well as place one in the center for creating two openings. The stiles are important to support the hinges as well as also add support for the overloaded shelves.

Step 3: Doors

To make the doors, first of all, measure the width as well as the length of the opening. After that add 1 1/2 inches to both of the measurements to get the door size. For instance, if the opening measurement is 19 1/2 by 36 inches, then the door size will be 21 by 37 1/2 inches. Use a table saw and then cut doors from the sheet of the fir plywood that usually measures 3/4 by 48 by 96 inches. Make the cut perpendicular to the grain, first get the length. It is advisable to again cut parallel with the grain for the width. This is usually an overlay design. Adding 1 1/2 inches to the bookcase door measurements will help the doors to overlap all the stiles by about 3/4-inch on both sides as well as at the top and bottom.

Step 4: Edge Bevel And Hinges

The beveled door edges will help give the bookcase unit a neat look. To bevel the edges, simply tilt the table saw blade to about 30 degrees. Keep the fence at about 1/32 inch from the blade. Keep the doors face upright on the table, and then run all the four sides over the blade to cut out a 30-degree bevel on the edge of the door at the bottom. This beveled edge will be used to open as well as close the door. Sand out the edge smooth with the help of sandpaper, and then paint or lacquer the doors as per choice. Once the finish is dry, flip the doors over and then install 30-degree reverse-bevel hinges right on the backs of the doors.
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