How Are Kitchen Cabinets Attached To The Wall: Steps & Items Needed To Attach Kitchen Cabinets To The Wall

Steps & Items Needed To Attach Kitchen Cabinets To The Wall

If you want to install the kitchen cabinet to your wall by yourself, but you don't know the procedure and you don't have any experience, then don't worry you can finish this task by yourself very easily by following the below-mentioned step by step process. But before starting the work collect certain items required for the process, which are mentioned below:

Items Needed

  • Tape Measure & Stud Locator
  • 1-By-4-Inch Lumber & Carpenter’s Level
  • 2 1/2-Inch Wood Or Drywall Screws
  • Electric Drill & Stepladder, If Needed
  • Wooden Shims & 1/8-Inch Drill Bit

Steps For This Process

  1. Firstly, measure 54 inches up the wall from your floor. Place a mark on your wall in order to represent the 54-inch measurement. If you have the base cabinets installed then you need to measure 18 inches from the top of your countertop & mark your wall for representing the 18 inches. The standard height for your wall cabinets is 54 inches from the bottom of the cabinet to your floor, which will represent a distance of 18 inches betwixt the bottom of your cabinet and the countertop.
  2. Run a stud locator along the wall where you intend to attach the cabinet. Mark the location of each stud on your wall. Make sure you place the mark below 54-inch measurement & do not cover it when you place your cabinet against your wall.
  3. Next, simply hold a 1-by-4-inch piece of lumber against your wall. Make sure that the piece of lumber equals the width of your cabinet.
  4. Line up the top of your lumber piece with the 54-inch measurement or 18-inch measurement on your wall. Simply place a carpenter's level on top of the piece of lumber just to be sure that the lumber is level against your wall.
  5. Now you need to drive 2 1/2-inch wood or drywall screws through with the piece of lumber & in your wall studs with the help of your electric drill. The lumber will act as a ledger in order to hold the weight of your wall cabinet & at the proper height on your wall.
  6. Set your cabinet on the ledger & against your wall. Use a stepladder if required. Hold your carpenter's level vertically against the front of your cabinet to ensure the front of your cabinet is level. Slide wooden shims betwixt your wall and the back of your cabinet to level the front of your cabinet if indispensable.
  7. Next, simply transfer the location of your wall studs to the mounting rails inside your cabinet. Now you need to install a 1/8-inch drill bit into your electric drill. Simply use your drill to create 2-2 pilot holes through with the top mounting rail inside your cabinet & into your wall studs. Repeat this process to create the same number of the pilot holes through with the bottom mounting rail of your cabinet.
  8. Check your cabinet to ensure its level for one more time. Now drive 2 1/2-inch wood or drywall screws through with the pilot holes & in your wall studs once you are sure your kitchen cabinet is level.
  9. Now you need to position a second cabinet against your first cabinet you attached to your wall if you are going to install more than one. Repeat these steps used for your first cabinet to attach additional cabinets to your wall.
  10. Finally, remove all the screws that are holding the ledger to your wall. Remove your ledger.
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