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General Overview

AC is a Furniture store offering wide selections of products such as Chairs, Barstools, Lounge chairs & Sofas, Sleeper Compatible, tables, recliners, and various other products. They are in business for over 40 years and offer customization of furniture products as well.

Care And Maintenance Guide
The company has given a detailed maintenance instruction for the furniture products and some of their instructions are as follows:
  1. The customer must use quality furniture polish as it will reduce the chances of costly refinishing. Always polish the furniture once in a month. Applying quality polish to the furniture will add more glam and beauty to the furniture.
  2. Always clean the furniture with a dust-free and dry cloth.
  3. Never place any plastic, rubber or any kind of acrylic materials as the chemicals that are present in these products may react with the finish of the furniture and may damage it severely.
  4. The customer must rotate his furniture cushions so that they are not always placed on the same spot.
  5. Always use the professional help if the furniture products are damaged badly.
  6. He must avoid silicon polishes.
  7. Avoid use of wax polishes as the regular use of wax polish can build up the wax film on the surface of the furniture item and may result in smudges and streaks
  8. Avoid cleaning the upholstery item with brushes as they are destructive to the fibers.

How To Contact AC Furniture?
Address: The company P.O Box address is P.O. Box 200 Axton, VA 24054.
Phone Number: The support service number of the company is 276-650-3356.
Email Support: They can also be reached via email on Info@acfurnitureco.com.
Fax Number: The Fax number of the company is 276-650-3747.
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