Hardwood Floor Finish Problems: Problems & Solutions For Hardwood

Different Hardwood Floor Finish Problems

Many problems may occur in hardwood floor finish. Some of the problems are mentioned below:

1. Excessive And Early Wear

In hardwood floors, the excessive and early wear occurs due to the use of inappropriate cleaners on the finish. These cleaners do not properly remove dirt and debris particles from the floor surface. This problem is also caused by the use of a cheap finish.
Cure: The solution for this problem is that the users need to use the specific wood cleaners that are manufactured for wood floors.

2. Discoloration

The oil-based polyurethane finish on the hardwood floors becomes yellowish with time when these hardwood floors come in contact with the sunlight. The water-based polyurethane finish decolorizes the hardwood floor when exposed to sunlight.
Cure: The remedy for this problem is to maintain the proper shading for the flooring.

3. Roughness

The problem of roughness is caused when the flooring is not assembled competently and when the vacuuming is not done properly on the floor. Roughness is also caused due to the improper abrasion of the coat.
Cure: This problem can be resolved by cleaning the floor properly with the vacuum cleaner and scraping the finish properly from the floor surface to make it smooth and shiny.

4. Uneven Gloss Levels

This problem is caused when the finishes are not properly mixed with the flattening agents like semi glosses, satins, etc. If the sanding is not done properly then it can also result in the uneven gloss level.
Cure: To solve the problem of uneven gloss level the users need to be sure that the finish is mixed properly and completely clean the floor surface then apply finish on the floor surface.
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