Hardwood Floor Crowning: 5 Easy Steps To Repair Crowned Floor

5 Easy Steps to Fix/Repair Crowned Hardwood Floor

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily fix up their crowned hardwood floor:
  1. Place The Fan In A Room: The customers need to start by placing the fan in a room and then they need to turn on the fan and set its temperature to 72 degrees. The customers then need to keep the fan on in the room for near about 72 hours in order to get rid of any moisture on the hardwood floor.
  2. Cover The Crowned Area: The customers then need to turn off the fan and then remove it accordingly. The customers then need to cover the crowned area on the hardwood floor by using a clear plastic piece. They then need to wait for one night and if in case they still find out the moisture beneath the plastic piece that indicates the hardwood floor is still wet. In that case, the customers need to keep on placing and checking the plastic piece for near about 24 hours till the time they won't find any moisture beneath the plastic piece.
  3. Use The Belt Sander: The customers then need to use the belt sander and then place it over the large part of the crowded area. The customers need to start moving the orbital sander over the crowned area in the circular motion. They need to keep on rubbing the crowned area with the orbital sander till the time it is completely gone.
  4. Place The Straightedge: The customers then need to Place the straightedge perpendicular by the side of the sanded area. They then need to brush off the straightedge accordingly. The customers need to keep on sanding the crowned area till the time the straightedge can move gently over the crowned area.
  5. Apply The Stain Or The Polyurethane: The customers then need to again use the orbital sander and rub it over the crowned area until the crowned area becomes smooth. The customers then need to apply the layer of the stain or the polyurethane to the hardwood floor in order to refinish it. They need to choose the stain colour exactly with the colour of the hardwood flooring.
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