Guardsman Furniture: Contact Information With Protection Plan Details

General Overview & Contact Information

The company has made a great impact in the furniture industry because the company has the best quality products and services for the protection, care, and repair of wood, fabric, and leather furnishings and bedding products. The company is regarded as the world’s largest supplier of wood finishes for the furniture and cabinet industry. The products include polishes and cleaners for fine wood, leather, and fabric furniture, besides that, they have the complete range of furniture maintenance products which is useful for a touch-up, repair and spot cleaning.

Contact Details And How To File Claim?
Contact Us Page: The customer can contact the company through contact us page
Customer Service Number:(800) 788-8020
Service Request Phone Number:800-516-0195.
The customer needs to check a few things before submitting a claim like a customer should know what is covered, initiate a claim within a specific period of time, etc. If the customer is unable to file a claim then please click on Claim

Protection Plan Details

This plan helps you to protect your new furniture from any kind of damage. This plan provides services for most of their products, they even provide a replacement for those items that are irreplaceable. This plan is not a warranty against any kind of manufacturer defect but basically, it is a service repairing for those items that are damaged. This plan cleans accidental stains such as cosmetic stains, food or beverages stains, household stains and much more and even repair accidental damages such as cuts in the fabrics, burns, heat marks, etc. In order t get the plan please click on plan
If I Move To Another State Is Furniture Protection Plan Still Valid?
This plan is valid all over Canada and the US as long as you are the real owner of the furniture. Stains and damages caused by moving the furniture don't come under the furniture protection plan.
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