Guardian Furniture Protection: How To File A Claim For Protection Plan

Protection Plan Overview & Claim Procedure

Guardian's Furniture Protection Plan gives the customers peace of mind to relax and enjoy the comfort of new furniture purchase. The customer needs not to worry about the little accidents. The company is regarded as one of the furniture protection leaders in the industry. The company has different plans for different furniture like for outdoor, indoor, Every bed mattress protectors, etc. These plans give coverage to many products like
  • Breakage of glass components in tables.
  • Any kind of the tears, burns, and punctures on fabric or leather upholstery.
  • Quiet, waterproof and breathable.

If the customer wishes to apply for the protection plan then please click on Plans

How To File a Claim?
In order to file a claim, the customer needs to check certain things like;
  • Read the plan and review it before filing a claim to ensure that the stain or damage that the customer is filing is covered.
  • The dead line line for filing the claim.

If the customer wishes to file a claim then please click on File a claim

Contact Details Of Guardian Furniture Protection
Hickory NC: +1 800-527-8487.
Hours Of Operation Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM, and Saturday & Sunday Closed.
Lufkin TX: +1 936-639-4477.
Customer Service Toll-Free Number: 800-527-8485.

Wood Furniture Care Tips

Furniture should be kept away for the sunlight to save it from heat damage or bleaching. Items should be kept away from the heating and air conditioning devices save it from the moisture loss. Coasters should be placed under hot and cold drinks. Newspaper or magazines should not be placed on the wood as ink leak can disfigure the furniture. To prevent furniture from scratching lamps and ashtrays should be used with felt backing. When serving hot food use mats under the hot pots and plates. Synthetic rubber or plastic should not be placed directly on the wood as it can do chemical damage to the wood's finish. Do not use nail polish remover near the furniture to avoid damages due to spills or splashes.
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