Guardian Furniture: Protection Plan, Warranty Claims & Repair Services

Guardian Furniture Protection Plan

Guardian Furniture is the manufacturing company with specialization in the production of the furniture Protection items that includes fabric shampoos, Oil, furniture polishes and so on. It offers numerous "protection Plans" to keep your furniture protected for long. Whether Fabric, leather or wood you can make them secure against getting damaged by the hard stains caused accidentally by food and beverages. Customers can get register themselves at the official website of the Guardian furniture or at the retailer shop. Three main protection plans offered by the company are mentioned below:
  1. Indoor Protection Plan: With Indoor protection plan the customers can keep their furniture safe from the permanent stains caused due to the grass, crayons, Tea, Coffee, Food, Ink and so on. It also keeps the furniture protected from the damages heats, burns, punctures and so on. This plan is also meant for the Glass and Mirror damages.
  2. Outdoor Protection Plan: This plan is specifically meant for the protection of Outdoor Furniture such as Umbrella, Table, Chairs.
  3. Mattress Protection: This plan provides different types of Mattress Protectors designed with the specific features to keep the mattress safe from the allergens. The breathable mattress protectors keep Mattress fresh and hygienic. Main Protectors include EveryBed Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

How To Contact Guardian Furniture

Main Help Desk: Guardian Furniture can be reached at "+800-527-8485".
Fax: All the concerns can be send through Fax at "+800-668-5754".
Toll-Free Number: Have Toll Free Conversation with the Customer service representative at "+800-527-8485".
Corporate Address: The Corporate headquarters of the "Guardian Furniture" is located at "P.O. Box 22000 Hickory, NC 28603, USA".
Contact Us: Drop an Email regarding your questions and concerns through its Contact Us Page.
Service Hours: Monday through Fridays at 8 AM - 5:00 PM (EST).

Warranty Claims And Repair Services

Warranty Claims

Guardian furniture has five-year "Warranty" under the "Premium 1 Plan Protection". The warranty plan covers the Vinyl, clear coated, leather and wooden surfaces. Fabric and lacquered wood surfaces are also included in the Warranty. The Coverage is designed for the furniture items that cost up to $20,000. This is a complete replacement warranty program for five years and should be claimed within thirty days once occurred. The main things covered under the five-year warranty program include Stains, Cuts, Punctures, Cracks, Glass Scratches and so on. Customers can file the claims by submitting the "Check Service Request" and can expect the responses within two business days.


Guardian furniture provides user-friendly repair service to its prestigious customers. The company provides the repair services done through highly skilled repair and cleaning staff who are well versed in the field with an excellent record in this area.
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