Green Furniture: Concept, Stores In NYC, Raleigh And Farmville VA

Green Furniture Concept

Green Furniture Concept is the Sweden furniture manufacturing company noted for utilizing high-quality natural and cycled raw materials for its production line. The company has high-end expertise in the production of a vast array of flexible seating and beautiful lightings that reflects nature for public place interiors. The globally recognized product series from the company include "Nova and IOU" both products are specifically designed to suit demanding requirements of dynamic public interiors and can be used for both private and open interactions. Additionally, the company has also gained high fame in designing and production of the lighting made up of all natural materials such as "Leaf Lamp" this particular type of flameproof lamp and is perfect for the public places as the lamp is featured with noise filtering quality.
Green Furniture Products
Various products designed and produced by the Green furniture concept are as below:
Nova C Series: The seating offers the flexibility to adjust according to the requirement of the public interiors.
IOU Series: This unique designed seating series is made up of high-quality OAK wood planks and frame with the recycled steel for endurance and comes in curved style.
Radius Series: This series comprises of the various types of items including planters, charges. The series also consists of dividers and bins.
The Green furniture concept caters to the various public place sectors like:
  • Airport terminals.
  • Educational Sector.
  • Railway Stations.
  • Ferry Terminals.
  • Bus Stations.
  • Health Care and Retail Spaces.

Contact Details
The company has maintained its global presence and mainly serves the markets of the United States, UK, Nordic, Europe.
Head Office: Carlsgatan 5, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden.
Phone Number: +46 40 600 93 30
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 AM –4 PM.

NYC(New York), Raleigh, Farmville VA Stores

NYC(New York)
The demand for "Green furniture" or environment-friendly furniture made up of the natural and recycled materials are increasing day by day throughout New York (NYC) that is why so many stores coming up in NYC that offer high-quality Green Furniture pieces. Some of the "Green Furniture stores" in NYC are mentioned below:
Furnish Green: The store provides all natural and recycled material built furniture pieces that mainly includes dazzling Vintage and antique collection to furnish entire home and offices.
Store Address: 1261 Broadway #309, New York, NY 10001, USA.
Phone Number: +1 917-583-9051
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday at 10 AM –8 PM.

Urbangreen Furniture: The store comprises of green furniture collections for a living, bedroom, and dining spaces including offices.
Store Address: 140 58th St #8f, Brooklyn, NY 11220, USA.
Phone Number: +1 718-567-0777
Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM –5 PM, Saturday 9 AM –4 PM.

The best Green furniture store found in the Raleigh is mentioned below:
Green Front Interiors & Rugs: The store offers differently designed furniture to suit diverse room interiors from brands like Dovetail, Universal, Nuevo, etc.
Store Address: 2004 Yonkers Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604, USA.
Phone Number: +1 919-754-9754
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday at 10 AM –6 PM, Sunday 1–5 PM.

Farmville VA
Noted Green Funiture showroom at Farmville VA is located below:
Green Front Accessory Inc: The store comprising of high quality and natural furniture selections and accessories.
Store Address: 220 N Main St, Farmville, VA 23901, USA
Phone Number: +1 434-391-5931
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday at 10 AM –5:30 PM

What Type Of Products Can I Get At Green Edge Commercial Interiors?

At Green Edge Commercial Interiors, customers will get all types of Office furniture products. Also, the store offers custom designs, floor plans, or space planning service, they offer that as well. They started their business 20 years ago and have clients throughout South Australia. They have specialization in creating commercial outfits and they supply their products to residential, commercial, corporate, education, retail, and hospitality markets. Customers can get the following products at Green Edge Commercial Interiors:
  • Tables & Desks.
  • Workstations.
  • Seating & storage.
  • Steel case.
  • Maxton Fox.
  • And Accessories.

Green Edge Office Furniture Adelaide Contact Details
Address: 252 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Phone Number: +61 8 8227 2277
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