Golden Technologies Lift Chairs: Repair, Reviews & Warranty, User Manual & Contact Details

Golden Technologies is the leading manufacturer of luxurious, recliners & lift chairs. They have specialization in scooters, wheelchairs & lift chairs. They use premium quality material on all their products in order to provide their customers with complete comfort & durable products. By using their products, a person can get complete independence & mobility without being dependent on anyone.

Types of Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies carries four collections of lift chairs which are mentioned below:
  • Maxi Comfort Series: This collection of lift chairs is known for ultimate patented reclining technology. The Maxi comfort lift chair, when used, provides comfort in a relaxed & blissful manner. It also has several reclining & lift positions in which most common positions are Sleep, TV watching, Trendelenburg, and Zero gravity. Some of the lift chairs available in this collection are Lift chair with Twilight, Power Cloud, Day Dreamer, etc.
  • Signature Series: This lift chair collection has space saver series which is available in three sizes, its imperial series has power lumber & headrest in order to provide standard support to it, and its Cambridge series offers both comfort & style at excellent prices.
  • Comforter Series: In the comforters series of lift chairs, the customer will get chairs from small to tall persons with 10 different size options. This chair gives a user complete comfort because he no longer has to use a chair which was designed for someone else's height.
  • Value Series: This series is known for great performance at great value and have products in Monarch & Capri style options. The Capri chair has a classic & button back design while as Monarch chair has a seam back design.


All the Golden Technologies Lift Chairs have self-diagnostic technology system planted known as SmartTek® which gives the user a notification when there is an electrical malfunction in the product. It also helps the technicians to identify the issues over the phone which saves their repair time because when they leave their office for repair, they exactly know what part of the product they have to repair.
Working Of SmartTek®:
SmartTek® has three LED lightings which signal when the chair is not functioning properly. First, the user needs to check whether all the electric outlets of the chair are plugged in properly. Once he checks the outlets, he needs to check if the chair works well not and if there is no change, he needs to check the lights at the following locations;
  1. First LED light is on the two button hand control.
  2. The second light is located on the transformer.
  3. Third light can be found on the wire between motor & transformer.

In case, the light on the transformer is not lit, it means the transformer is not getting electricity & there is a malfunction in it and it needs to be replaced. If the light on the wire is not lit which comes out of the transformer to the motor but the light on the transformer is lit, it means the power is not coming out of the transformer. And if the light on the hand control is not lit, then there is a possible defect on the hand control.
In order to repair Golden Technologies Lift Chairs, the customer needs to contact the dealer from where he has purchased the product and they will send a technician to his home.

Reviews & Warranty

Before making a purchase, the customer usually checks the reviews of the product so that he can get an idea about the functionality of the product. A review is actually an experience shared by the previous user which gives clear over about the product to the New User. Similarly, Lift Chairs of Golden Technologies have received a number of reviews according to which the pros & cons of the Lift chairs are:
  • They are easy to use.
  • The products quality is excellent.
  • The products meet the expectation of the customers.
  • Cons:
  • The dealers may take time in completion of delivery.
  • The product can be a little noisy but will not be irritating.

In order to check the warranty details of Golden Technologies lift chairs, the customer needs to visit the Lift Chair Warranties Pdf page.

User Manual

User manual refers to user guidance or we can say how a user can use his product. The Lift Chairs of Golden Technologies come with unique design options and most of the products have different user manuals. All the products of Golden Technologies have user manual accompanied with them and in case the customer misplaces his user manual, he needs not to worry as he can download the new user from their website by visiting the Lift Chairs Manual page. Then he needs to select his lift chair in the given list and download its user manual afterward.

Contact Details Of Golden Technologies?

  • Corporate Address: The Golden Technologies is situated at 401 Bridge Street, Old Forge, PA 18518.
  • Customer Service Phone Number: The customer service phone number of the company is 800-624-6374.
  • Fax Number: The Fax number of the company is 800-628-5165.
  • Directions: In order to view the directions of Golden Technologies, the customer needs to visit its Directions page.
  • Find A Dealer: The customer can locate the nearby dealers of Golden Technologies by his Address or Dealer Name through their Dealer Locator page.
  • Dealer Contact: The dealer can Login or a new dealer can Sign up with Golden Technologies through their Dealer Login page.
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