Gold And Acrylic Furniture: Chairs, Legs

Gold Acrylic Chairs and Legs

Here are some of the examples of the Gold Acrylic Chairs :
  1. Gold Paige Acrylic Swivel Chair: The chair is a mixture of visible glass with gold steeled coloured swivel base and arm support with a stand on its backside placed around glass back support.
  2. Gold Metal Folding Chairs: The folding chair gives a classy look with glass seat area and head support cut glass piece. The gold finished metal is used in the frame including folding base part and upper lines on the back area.

Seven Round Metal Leg in gold color is launched with a set of four and the legs are round shaped with good square-shaped support below the side of the table. The Seven Straight Metal Legs are in a gold shade that gives a matched look to the bedroom, living room or office.
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