Glue Down Hardwood Floor Problems: Problems & Solution

Glue down Hardwood Floor Problems & Solution

Hardwood flooring is a very popular choice among people due to its durable nature as it can withstand a tremendous amount of usage on proper installation. There are several problems that can arise in the hardwood flooring due to the glue down and the problems along with the solutions are as follows;


When the hardwood flooring lifts up of the subfloor, it is known as buckling. The problem arises when the hardwood flooring gets exposed to a lot of moisture or the boards aren’t acclimated that makes the flooring expand and crush together and eventually lift up of the subfloor. There are several other reasons that can make the hardwood flooring expand such as the flooring was installed when it was too dry, due to a damp basement, and improper fastening. Besides that, during glue-down installation, if the user chooses the wrong size trowel, it can create a weaker bond between hardwood & the sub-flooring that will eventually lead to buckling.
In order to fix the buckling problem, it would be better to remove the flooring and reinstall it properly. It has been recommended by the experts to replace the boards that are cracked or if the tongues & groves are torn apart. Besides that, the user needs to fix all the moisture issues of the room before reinstalling the flooring.

Abnormal Gaps

An abnormal gap in the hardwood flooring is another problem that can happen due to installation error. The most common cause of the problem is that the flooring was installed when it was too wet. The other reason for abnormal gaps could be the flooring was installed in the excessive dryness areas. It has been recommended by the experts to fix the issue when the gaps are disrupting the look of the flooring.
As per the recommendation of the experts, the abnormal gaps in the hardwood flooring needs to be fixed during humid times as the gaps are smaller. If the user tries to repair the gaps during dry times when the gaps are widest, he will be unable to leave sufficient clearance space in between the boards that will result in floor buckling when the boards expand. In order to repair gaps, the user needs to create small patches of wood and then, glue the patches to the board edges. It has been recommended by the experts to glue the patches to one side of the board only rather than gluing the boards together.
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