Glass Top To Protect Wood Table: Steps To Protect

How To Protect Wood Table With Glass Top?

Some of the ways by which the customers can easily protect the wood table with glass top are as follows:
  1. Rubber Bumpers: The customers can use the Rubber bumpers that can easily protect the glass top from any kind of damages. The size dimensions and the shape of the wood table glass top will precept the exact rubber bumper to be used. These rubber bumpers are also having the anti-skid features that protect the glass top from drifting or from dropping as well.
  2. Use Decorative Mats And Runners: The customers can also place a mat over the top surface of the glass top in order to protect it from the hot plates or bowls that can create the hard stains on it. The customers can also use the coasters over which hot items can be placed.
  3. Clean Your Glass Table Top: The customers also need to clean their glass top regularly with a mixture of water and vinegar. The customers need to avoid cleaning the glass top with the cleaners that contain ammonia in it. The customers also need to avoid cleaning their glass top with the paper towels as they can leave the unattractive lint all over the glass surface.

Uses Of The Glass Table Tops

Some of the uses of the Glass Table Tops are:
  1. The Glass Table tops are amazing at establishing the delusion of the space and also make the room to occur larger and more fragile.
  2. The Glass Table Tops are very versatile in nature and that is why they can match with any interior decor. The Glass Table Top can match with any modern, contemporary and traditional styled furnishing products.
  3. The Furnishing products that are having the glass tops can be cleaned easily by using a soft damp cloth.
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