Genesis Credit Mor Furniture: Brief Overview


Mor furniture is the leading furniture retailer based in California, United States. The company provides flexible financial services to make furniture shopping convenient to the customers. Different types of financial assistance by the Mor furniture include credit cards supported by Genesis Finance. The Genesis store credit card can be used at any Mors furniture store for shopping purposes. Genesis Credit Mor Furniture silver card comes with exceptional features like a wider range of credit scores.
Delivery Details
At the time of delivery, the person receiving it must be 18+. Before placing your order you must check the measurement because after receiving the product you cannot return it. Mor Furniture doesn't remove your old furniture so you must clear it before the delivery date. Delivery dates can vary because it is fixed on assumption. Sometimes it takes more time for delivery because the product you purchased is out of stock.
Contact Us
Apart from that, you can reach them by submitting a request to them through their "Contact Us" page Here.

Genesis Credit Mor Furniture Phone Numbers

Genesis Credit Mor Furniture Payment Number: 1-800-942-4308.
Mor Furniture Corporate Office Number: 866.466.7435

For San Diego, Fresno, Kent, Boise, Lynnwood, Bakersfield, Visalia, Murrieta, Salem Oregon

The customer can reach on the above-given number for all these locations as the number is the same as above.
For Albuquerque, NM: (505) 883-4944
Additional Support Details:
Email Support: The customers can also mail them at
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