Furniture Wall Anchors: Lowes, Walmart, Ikea & Menards

Amazon is a place where the customers can find the best quality Wall Anchors at the fair price point like the one
Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps: These straps are ideal for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit, and armoires, and is very easy to install, in order to help the furniture to secure to the wall this strap is made from the durable canvas material. In order to buy, please click on Amazon.

Furniture Wall Anchors Lowes

At lowes, the customer can shop for huge products of furniture anchor. One of the best is given below:
Toggle Bolt Drywall Anchor: It is the most secure and Strongest of almost all hollow-wall anchors. It can hold up to 2 times more weight than the wing toggles. It is very useful for hanging handrails, flat screen TV's, grab bars, cabinets, etc. Its holding capacity is about 265 lbs in drywall and 1,080 lbs in a concrete block.

Furniture Wall Anchors At Walmart And Ikea

Walmart is a store where the customers can find good quality Furniture Wall Anchors like the one given below:
Anti-Tip Anchoring System Dresser Straps: These types of Dresser Straps is capable of securing any combination of equipment, furniture, and walls. It has a rugged adjustable buckle system which provides great support to the furniture and other equipment.

Furniture Wall Anchors Ikea
All the customers want their homes to be a safe place, but accidents at homes can put the children at risk. The customer can prevent furniture tip-over accidents and fit the furniture to the wall and that's why IKEA advises the customers to inspect their chests of drawers and dressers to ensure that they are safely anchored to the wall using the instructions provided in the packaging.

Furniture Wall Anchors At Menards And Home Depot

To find the best quality and durable wall anchors is not an easy task. At Menards, the customers can explore the huge range of wall anchors like Conical Anchor, which is used for the light to medium duty applications mostly in hollow building materials, it has a rim on the plug that prevents the anchor from slipping.

Furniture Wall Anchor Home Depot
If the customers are looking to buy different types of wall anchors than home depot is the best online store for them they have a large number of anchors like E-Z Ancor Twist, which is best for medium weighted wall applications.
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