Furniture Village Newcastle: Head Office, Horwich, Maidstone, Purley Way

Phone Numbers Of The Furniture Village Newcastle

Enquiry Number
+44 191 460 3255

Head Office Contact Number
0800 804 8879

+44 1204 674190

Hedge End
+44 23 8082 1919

+44 1634 266230

Purley Way
+44 20 8688 0550

+44 1772 754100

Do I Have To Pay In Full Or Can I Pay A Deposit When Paying Online?
If in case your order is eligible for a deposit payment the company will provide you with this option during the checkout process if you have selected the deposit option than the remaining balance of your product will be debited from your account automatically from the given option of the payment methods prior to delivery.

If I Pay A Deposit For My Order When Will My Balance Be Taken?
If the order has been placed with the deposit then your remaining balance will be debited from that account automatically. If in case your balance is outstanding the company won't proceed with your delivery until the full payment is made however if you wish to pay with any other alternate card you can contact the company before the 10 days of your delivery.
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