Furniture Refinishing: Nearby Stores In NJ, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago & Charlotte NC

General Overview

The act of applying any wood lacquer, varnish or faux paint on the surface of the furniture product is termed as refinishing. The refinishing can be utilized to any surface of the wood, metal, glass and plastic products. The refinishing process is locally termed as repolishing and the refinishing process was mainly adapted for the antique and vintage furniture products that have lost their charm and glam.
How Much Exactly Does A Furniture Refinishing Cost?
The refinishing wages vary depending on the type of furniture and some of them are described as follows:
  1. The estimated cost of the wood furnishing item is between $125-$250 and it might be varied depending upon the size of that wood item and the condition that item is prevailing.
  2. The metal furnishing product is approximately between $75-$125 and the cost may vary depending upon the structural appearance of that product.


There are many stores in Atlanta, that offers the furniture refinishing service and out of which "Pace Furniture Restoration" is the remarkable name in the same. Filled with the expert team it offers the refinishing services to any expensive wood furniture or antique decor to give them a superb brand new look. Various Refinishing Services offered by the company include Faux Finishes, Glazing, spray and custom finishes, etc. Pace also offers the onsite finishing, Touch ups, wood tone, and spray finishes services as well.
Store Address: Furniture By Pace, 2025 Sourwood Road, Norcross, GA 30071.
Phone Number: +(770) 923-5885
Email Support:


Refinishing services in the Chicago area is offered by many stores and some of them are:
Chicago Wood Refinishing: The store is known for offering the finest wood renovation and refinishing services. Along with the refinishing task the store also offers the wide choices of custom furniture and kitchen cabinets.
Store Address: 4075 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60618.
Phone Number: (+312) 447-4435
Store Hours: Monday To Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM, Sunday closed.
Email Address: "".

Mastercraft Furniture Refinishing: The company offers the expert refinishing and repair services as well as offers the superior selection of upholstery furniture.
Store Address: 3140 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, USA
Phone Number: +1 773-722-5730
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7 AM –3:30 PM, Saturday, Sunday Closed.

Charlotte NC

Various wood refreshing and refinshing stores found in Charlotte NC is as follows:
Woodcycle Refinishing: Woodcycle refreshing offers both refinishing and repair solutions for wooden furniture, antiques, and kitchen cabinets.
Store Address: 1421 Morningside Dr, Charlotte, NC 28205, USA.
Phone Number: +704.200.6267
Email: Drop an email at

Thompson's Furniture Repair & Refinish: This store provides the wood repair and restoration services along with replenishing.
Store Address: 11109 Rozzelles Ferry Rd, Charlotte, NC 28214, USA.
Phone Number: +1 704-877-6583
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 8 AM –5 PM.

Austin TX

Some of the Furniture refinishing and repair service stores in the Austin TX area are:
Smithers Furniture Refinishing: Offers the various types of furniture repair and refinishing services.
Store Address: 507 Walsh St, Austin, TX 78703, USA.
Phone Number: +1 512-472-9159
Store Hours: Monday to Friday at 8 AM –5 PM, the store remains closed on Weekends.

Austin Furniture Repair: The shop provides the repair and restoration of all types of wooden furniture like chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.
Store Address: 403 N Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78702, USA
Phone Number: +1 512-961-0992
Store Hours: Monday to Saturday at 9 AM - 5 PM.

Some Major Refinishing Nearby Stores In NJ

There are many furniture stores in NJ that provides the refinishing services and some among them are described as follows:
Dave’s Furniture Repair & Restoration: This store deals with all kind of reconstruction and refinishing services of any wood furniture items. Besides this, they also provide the re-upholstery services where they replace the scratched or torn upholstery of any wood product. They usually perform their services at the doorstep of their customers but somehow if the case is more complicated then the company will restore that product at the warehouse of the company.
Address: 103 Godwin Ave, P.M.B. 162 Midland Park, NJ 07432
Phone Number: 201-546-4576

All Wood Refinishing: This store provides the reconstruction and repolishing services for any kind of modern and antique furniture item. They even offer their customers with customized paint finishes for their valuable furniture product. They even offer the delivery and pick up services in their existing area at free of cost.
Address: 136 Summerhill Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone Number: (732) 433-0225


Here are some of the examples of the Furniture Refinishing Stores in CT:
Furniture Refinishing By RE New: They mainly specialize in refinishing all kind of antique as well as modern furniture products. The main aim of the company is to transform the old furniture product into a new one. The company offers its exceptional services at low wages that can be afforded by anyone.
Address: 16 Town Line Rd Unit H, Wolcott, CT 06716.
Phone Number: (203) 272-3098.
Email Support:

Wood Den: This store deals with all kind of furniture related services like construction, repolishing, powder coating and stripping. They mainly apply the wood lacquer finish and paint to furnishing products. They mainly charge the customers with $120 to $1500 for refinishing purpose and the rates may vary depending upon the size of the furniture product.
Address: 266 Selleck St, Stamford, CT 06902
Phone Number: (203) 324-6957
Email Support:
Trading Hours: Sunday to Monday: Closed, Tuesday to Friday: 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM, Saturday: 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM.

Some Major Refinishing Stores In Denver

There are many furniture stores in Denver that provide the finishing services for the furniture items and some among them are as follows:
Ablyss Upholstery And Refinishing: This store offers the reconstruction, refinishing and re-upholstery services for any kind of damaged furniture product. They also craft the custom-built furnishing products for their esteemed customers. They usually repair all kind of residential and commercially used furnishing items.
Address: 2130 S. Platte River Drive, Denver, CO 80223.
Phone Number: 303.935.0949.
Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM, Saturday to Sunday: Closed.
Email Support:

The Furniture Doctors: This store offers the refinishing and restoration services for all kind of residential furniture items. They usually offer their services on site and at the doorstep of their customers. They do not charge their customers with the excess amount for the delivery or moving services.
Address: 9300 E Florida Ave, Denver, CO 80247
Phone Number: 303-885-2210
Fax Number: 720-535-8683
Email Support:
Trading Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM, Sunday: Closed.

San Diego

The store namely Steve's Wood Studio in San Diego offers a custom crafted refinishing services for any kind of furniture product. They also provide many updated services like the reconstruction of doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets. They repair and refinish any kind of residential and commercially used furnishing products.
Address: 3064 National Ave San Diego, CA 92113
Phone Number: (619) 234.1470
Email Support:
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