Furniture Glides For Wood Floors: Swivel Chair Leg Glides For Wood Floors

General Overview

The wood floors are expensive and need to be protected from the scratches. Moving furniture is the main cause behind the hardwood flooring scratches. So it is always better to use furniture glides in order to protect the wood floor from getting scratches.

How To Protect Wood Floors From Getting Scratches?

Some precautionary steps to prevent hardwood floors from furniture scratches are mentioned below:
1.Avoid Dragging: To keep wood floors best in condition furniture dragging and pushing must be avoided.
2.Area Rugs: Make use of the area rug beneath the furniture will protect the floor.
3.Pads: Use of the furniture pads like glider pads under the furniture foot is the easiest ways to protect wood flooring from damage while moving furniture from one place to another.
4.Checking: The furniture feet must be checked on a regular basis for worn and rough if so make sure to repair them.
5.Furniture With Wheels: Choosing furniture with wheels is the other best way to protect the floor from scratches as they move smoothly on the floor.

Swivel Chair Leg Glides

Nail On - 1" Swivel Glides With Felt: Ultimate high-quality soft-touch glides for the furniture legs. The glides can be used on both angled and straight furniture legs. The glides help in protecting different floorings like hardwood, ceramic, etc, from the scratches. The glides also help in reducing furniture noise while moving it from one place to another. The versatile glides are compatible with an ample number of different furniture pieces like chairs, tables, chests, etc.
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