Furniture Direct Northwich: Delivery

Delivery And Payments

The bigger products are delivered directly to the customer's address in furniture vehicles. Customers are informed about the delivery before 48 hours of shipping. They are informed either by call or by email. By mutual consent of the company and the customer, the delivery date is decided. The smaller products are delivered through courier. Customers can alter the delivery date, but they have to inform the company about any changes in the delivery as soon as possible by informing the customer service. The company offers the safest payment options, customers can pay through a debit card, credit card, Paypal or even through the cheque.
Phone Number: +44 116 235 7786
Working Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10AM-6PM, Sunday: 10AM-4PM.
Phone Numbers Of The Furniture Direct Northwich
+44 28 9062 3362

Columbia MS
+1 601-736-7272

Antrim Road
+44 28 9074 5292

+61 7 3865 9113

Anna IL
+1 618-833-7021

+1 404-477-0038
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